Bulgaria: Artist announcement set for November 25th

Just one day after the exciting news that Bulgaria would be returning to the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2020 in Rotterdam, we learn that we can expect a press conference on the 25th of November where BNT, the Bulgarian broadcaster, will give a full presentation of the artist or group representing Bulgaria and the accompanying production team.

In a press release, the Bulgarian head of delegation said:

The new focus of the Bulgarian participation in Eurovision will be the long term commercial success of the artists representing Bulgaria in the contest. Another priority will be the development of the creative industry in the country through the international partnerships made possible by the project. The participation in the biggest music event of the world will be used as a platform to showcase the positive image of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people.

Are you excited to see Bulgaria return after a year’s absence? Do you think this could mean big things for Bulgaria in 2020? Let us know in the comments.

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