Bosnian song premiere today!

Today at 20:10 CET troubled Bosnian & Herzegovinian broadcaster, BHRT, will premiere the song for Eurovision 2016, by Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala, during a special ceremony ar Sarajevo’s City Hall. The seasoned performers and Eurovision vets were internally chosen to represent Bosnia & Herzegovina in their return to the Eurovision world since 2012. The announcement will be broadcast for your convenience on the website.

Little is known about the song, but each performer comes from fairly different worlds of music, so the result of the collaboration is something to be excited for.

Another point to keep in mind that his may also be one of the last time we see a B&H entry for a while. As mentioned BHRT recently made it public that they are looking at a financial crisis with little in the way of resolutions. If no substantial funding is found, B&H will be the only European country without a national broadcaster. No national broadcaster means no Eurovision. With that hanging over their heads, one must wonder if the burden of having a good result will bear down heavily on the performers this year.

Sending hope to Bosnia & Herzegovina.

About Derrick Schiff (USA)

Derrick Schiff (USA)

One of those rare creatures, the American Eurovision fans, I found the Eurovision pool and dived in head first. More knowledgeable about the current years, I’m excited to watch as Eurovision evolves into the credible launching platform for the finest pop acts in Europe and the World.

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