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Belarus: Alexander Rybak gets ready for Eurovision 2015!

We already knew Alexander Rybak would write an entry for the Belarussian national final. He was looking for a girl group to sing his song, and he has eventually found it. Despite the fact that Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest representing Norway in 2009, he is actually Belarussian (but his family had to move to Norway when he was a child) and he’s very proud of that, as he explained to

“I love my country, Belarus, and I was really interested in working on Eurovision, so I decided to compose a song that would show the world the Belarussian soul”

The girl group he has formed is formed by Marina, Vika, Tanja, Anna and Taisia, five girls who have each an individual style and deep understanding of the Belarussian folk music. The girl group still has no name, but Alexander has posted a picture in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to ask the public for a name.

There’s time until November the 21st to apply for participating in Eurofest 2015, the Belarussian national final. A professional jury of experts will decide which 15 songs make it to the national final on December the 5th. The national final is supposed to take place in January the 25th but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Some household names in Belarus are rumoured to participate in Eurofest: Alyona Lanskaya (who represented the nation in 2013 coming 16th in Malmö), Gunesh (a regular participant in Eurofest) and Maymunah (a famous violinist). None of them have confirmed, for now, that they have applied for participating.

Don’t forget Alexander already has a song competing at Maltese national selection for Eurovision 2015, he is the composer of “Still Here” performed by Franklin Calleja. Alexander Rybak is putting all his efforts to be in Vienna as composer, will he be enough lucky?

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