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Artist Spotlight: Sigmund (Denmark)

Picture it: Herning Denmark 2019. A tall blonde waif-like creature emerges to a dreary press center and breathes unspeakable joy. The high pitched laughs and shrieks are noise to some, but to others – they are the sound of ferocity.

Sigmund Trondheim has been causing quite a stir in Denmark for some time. He has a massive Youtube following and participated on X FActor Denmark. Sigmund is a triple threat. He can sing as we saw at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, he can dance as we’ve seen in his X Factor auditions and various Pride events and even if it’s reality TV, he’s showed off his acting skills.

Fans of Sigmund will undoubtedly embrace his boldness – particularly around his gender-bending interpretations of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Sia songs. He puts a very unique and personal spin on some of the most ubiquitous hits of the pop’s leading ladies. The amount of confidence it takes to pull off something credible in this space is admirable.

Perhaps what is most refreshing about Sigmund’s entry to Dansk Melodi Grand Prix was not only its charisma, talent and nerve – but its uniqueness. Sigmund gave the audience a Lady Gaga type aesthetic and owned the stage as if he had been performing eight times a week for years. The futuristic staging along with the on-screen graphics set this apart from the pack.

“Say my name is about saying your name in your head or even out loud again and again and again until you feel confident and secure again!
It’s about celebrating your uniqueness and being proud of your flaws and unafraid to show others that you believe in yourself even when others don’t!” – Sigmund

Sigmund performing ‘Say My Name’ at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019 in Herning, Denmark

Sigmund had fans in the home audience as well as the jury. By making the top three her participated in the super final and it was later revealed he was the runner up in the jury vote.

Since Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, Sigmund has been busy. After participating in some Danish reality TV, he’s been maintaining his strong social media presence. Most interesting is the single that has been released called ‘Rebel’. The message of this song is very wholehearted and touching. Sigmund relates his journey of self-expression to that of a being a rebel.

I found shame in my heart for the choices I’ve made

But now i realize i’m not the same

Trying to please my family, friends don’t understand you don’t you ever lose yourself

Never gonna fit in people never listen

No one really knew how I felt

All my life I was a rebel.

Listen to Sigmund’s new single ‘Rebel’

Sigmund has promised a video for ‘Rebel’ is imminent. Tel Aviv might have missed out on his legendary theatrics but the world awaits.

Sigmund and Joey meet at Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2019

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