Armenian song premiered, listen to “LoveWave” by Iveta Mukuchyan!

Since Iveta Mukuchyan was internally selected by AMPTV to represent Armenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, we have started to predict what kind of song will go best for her to perform in Stockholm. Today, Iveta’s long waited Eurovision song has been finally premiered along with the official video clip on AMPTV as well as on The official video clip has been produced by the Armenian Public Broadcaster and the German company “BLACKSHEEP Communications”.

You can now enjoy the Armenian song “LoveWave” below:

Charming and talented singer, model as well as actress, Iveta is featured in the music video along with the Swedish top model Ben Dahlhaus, who is famous for his cooperation with world known leading brands.

The song “LoveWave” is about Iveta’s inner world and personal emotions. The main message of the song is that love is powerful enough to change people and their inner world:

“I wanted to sing about a feeling we all know and crave for. A feeling that creates and destroys, empowers and weakens, rips and completes. A feeling out of space and time, that is unpredictable as an ocean and powerful as a wave. A feeling that is worth fighting for… Love.” – says Iveta.

The authors of the song are Lilith Navasardyan and Levon Navasardyan, who also co-composed the Armenian song for Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015, “Love”, as well as Aram Mp3’s song “Not Alone”, which he performed at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Both songs achieved successful scores in Europe. As for the lyrics of the song, it was announced that Iveta herself is the writer along with Stephanie Crutchfield.

Lately, it was also revealed that Iveta will cooperate with a well-known Armenian fashion house Kivera Naynomis along with its lead designer, Arevik Simonyan. Iveta will be dressed by this brand at the Eurovision events and ceremonies. Both the singer and the designer are very excited about this cooperation. “Iveta is the true representation of our brand values: strong, feminine, beautiful. She is charismatic, talented and is filled with positive energy”, stated Arevik Simonyan.

It’s time to guess which place will take Iveta for her motherland, so what do you think about the Armenian choice?

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