Albania: Eugent Bushpepa wins Fest ’56

Eugent Bushpepa has just won the 56th edition of Festivali i Këngës and will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018. The decision has been in the hands of a professional jury panel.

After three nights, the professional jury has finally selected the participant that will fly the Albanian flag in Lisbon. Eugent has competed at Festivali i Këngës with the song “Mall”, which might be revamped for Eurovision:

The following acts competed at today’s final:

  1. Redon Makashi – “Ekzistoj” (I exist)
  2. NA & Festina Mezini – “Tjetër jetë” (Another life)
  3. Voltan Prodani – “Pse të desha” (Why would I love you?)
  4. Denisa Gjezo – “Zemër ku je” (Dear heart, where you are)
  5. Tiri – “Orë e ndaluar” (Stopped clock)
  6. Orgesa Zaimi – “Ngrije zërin” (Speak up)
  7. Rezarta Samja & Luis Ejlli – “Ra një yll” (A star fell)
  8. Artemisa Mithi – “E dua botën” (I love the world)
  9. Manjola Nallbani – “I njejti qiell” (The same sky)
  10. Inis Neziri – “Piedestal” – (Pedestal)
  11. Bojken Lako – “Sytë e shpirtit” (The eyes of the soul)
  12. Mariza Ikonomi – “Unë” (Me)
  13. Eugent Bushpepa – “Mall” (Yearning)
  14. Elton Deda – “Fjalët” – (Words)

Adi Krasta has hosted all three shows of this year’s Festivali i Këngës, which have been broadcast live from Tirana’s Palace of Congresses.

What do you think about the Albanian choice? Let us know in comments!



  1. Ria van de Velde - NL

    December 24, 2017 at 01:49

    Great song and singer !! I hope that he will sing in Albanian !! Good Luck in Portugal !!

    • beccaboo1212

      December 28, 2017 at 00:05

      Don’t worry. During an interview, Eugent said that he plans to keep his song in Albanian, even if it’s shortened for Lisbon. 🙂

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