Soleá: “I’ve talked with Valentina, the French representative. We’re going to launch a conversation in 3 languages!” – Exclusive Interview


ESCplus has had the chance to talk to Soleá just a few days before the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. The young performer has told us everything about her experience, from the moment she knew she was the chosen one until how she will be spending the big day.


ESCplus: Hi Soleá! First of all, thank you very much for talking to ESCplus and congratulation for having been selected to wave your country’s flag at the greatest European song contest!

How did you feel when you knew your broadcaster had chosen you to represent your country at Junior Eurovision 2020? Had you ever dreamt with it?

Soleá: I couldn’t believe it! I had dreamt with it but, of course, suddenly, my dream came true!

E+: What do you think about the alternative format of this year’s contest? How are you living this unusual edition?

S: I’m really grateful that we’ve been able to do it. Now, The most important thing is the health and to take care of ourselves. I would have loved to meet my colleagues from other countries, maybe next time!

E+: What do you think about the stage design of Junior Eurovision 2020? How did you feel performing on it?

S: I loved it! The lights, the outfit, seeing my family and the team supporting me and, especially, the dancers… It was a dream come true.

E+: Can you tell us about the recording and staging of your performance? How many hours did you spend on it? Were there any funny anecdotes?

S: It lasted for about 3 hours, we rehearsed a lot and, when we had to record, altough I was nervous, I knew that we had to do our best. People only need to watch the performance once, so it’s very important to do it as best as possible. The funniest thing was to see my family and dancers so happy along with the team of RTVE and Peps Records at the end of the performance.

E+: How is the outfit you will be showing during your performance? Who’s behind the design?

S: It was made by Beatriz Montero, who is the dressmaker I’ve always been working with as a “model”. I love it because it looks urban flamenco like my song, so I’m very happy.


E+: What was the first thought that crossed your mind the first time you listened to your song ‘Palante’?

S: I thought it was super funny. I was looking forward to showing and dancing it with all my family and friends. It’s super powerful!

E+: Who are you going to watch the contest with on 29th November? How are you planning to spend the day?

S: The show will be live during the results, so I’ll be with the team of RTVE, PEPS MUSIC GROUP and my family. I’m excited!

E+: Have you talked to any of the other participants? Are you planning to meet in person when this situation ends?

S: Yes! A few days ago, I talked with Valentina, the French representative, she is lovely… We’re going to launch a conversation in 3 languages! French, English and Spanish!

E+: What should other kids do to adapt to unusual situations like yours at Junior Eurovision? Can you send them any tips?

S: My family and team are what has helped me the most. It’s very important to take care of the people around us and older persons. If we take care of each other, we will be able to beat this pandemic soon.

E+:Can you send a message to all the readers of ESCplus?

S: HI READERS OF ESCplus! I hope you like the song I will be representing Spain with at Junior Eurovision 2020, ‘Palante’. You will be able to vote for your favourite from the 27th of November. I hope it’s me! hahaha Big kisses to everybody, let’s do it!

E+: Thank you very much for your time! Best of luck from all of us!

Soleá will represent Spain at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the urban pop track ‘Palante’:
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