Manca Berlec (EMA 2020): “My song is about the chemistry shared between two people at the beginning of a new relationship”.

The ESCplus team has talked to Manca Berlec, participant of EMA 2020, the Slovenian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, with the song “Večnost” to know a little more about her candidacy and the experience that she is currently living. You can read the full interview below.

How do you feel about your participation in EMA 2020?

I am very excited and thrilled to be a part of it. I see it as a great opportunity for my music to reach more people.

Can you tell us about the message of your song? Does it talk about any Experience of your own life?

My song is a story about intimacy, that first spark between two people at the beginning of a relationship and the chemistry they share. Yes, I always write from my own experience, so it’s quite personal.

How did you decide to submit a song to represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

I applied a year before and wasn’t selected, so this year I tried again and I got in! I’ve been working a lot on my music in these past few years, I also wrote my first album in 2019, so I saw it as a great chance to experience something new.

Have you imagined how the staging be at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 if you win the Slovenian pre-selection?

I’ve been following Eurovision since I was a kid, and always kinda dreamt about stepping on that big stage. So I imagine it would be a dream come true.

Which musicians inspire you when you are composing your own song?

I love listening to some Slovenian artists like Pliš, Papir, Severa Gjurin and Patetico; but overall I also really like Tash Sultana, Billie Eilish, Jain and Tom Misch.

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EMA 2020 will be organized by Radiotelevizija Slovenija, the Slovenian broadcasting organization best known internationally as RTVSLO. It will serve as the national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. A total of twelve artists will have the chance to win and represent Slovenia in the European competition. Ten artists were internationally chosen by the broadcasting organization, while the other two will be chosen among the eighteen participants of another national contest called EMA Freš 2020.

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