Ethno Jazz Orchestra (Beovizija 2020): “Our sound is a combination of ethno music from this area, jazz, fusion and African music”.

The ESCplus team has talked to the members of the group called Ethno Jazz Orchestra, participant of Beovizija 2020, the Serbian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, with the song “Trag” to know a little more about their candidacy and the experience that they are currently living. You can read the full interview below.

How do you feel about your participation in Beovizijos 2020?

We are very happy to perform at Beovizija. This is a new experience for us. So far we have only been a part of the audience and now we are participating. This is an opportunity for the wider audience to hear us, see us and learn something about us.

Can you tell us about the message of your song? Does it talk about any experience of your own life?

Yes, it does. They say that a kindred spirit is not the one you have spent the whole life with but the one who unexpectedly appears so as to show you your mistakes and open your mind to changes. Sometimes its appearance is like a falling star that does not leave its mark. It does not leave its mark in the sky but it is deep inside of us clear and unerasable. Like a path that leads to the centre of the soul. Such trail or mark is usually left by those in whom you have also left something yours to last and miss… For good.

How did you decide to submit a song to represent Serbia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

In April our first album is coming out. When we heard that the Beovizija competition was open, we thought that it was an amazing thing that it started just before our first album was issued, so we made a song for Beovizija.

Have you imagined how the staging be at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 if you win the Serbian pre-selection?

Currently, we are not thinking a lot about the Eurovision Song Contest. Our first step is our appearance at the domestic festival and afterwards we’ll see where we are. We are going step by step.

Can you tell us about your music and your musical references?

Our music is a combination of several musical genres, mainly of ethno music from this area and elements of jazz, fusion and African music. A nice correlation between vocals and instruments has brought to this band a lot of positive critics. A special emphasis was given to musical ambiance, common band improvisation, modern harmonies united with ethno tune and exotic rhythms.

You can follow all the news of Ethno Jazz Orchestra on their official Facebook profile. This is

Beovizija 2020 will be organized by Radio – Televizija Srbije, a Serbian broadcasting organization known internationally as RTS, and will serve as a national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020. A total of twenty – four candidacies will compete to represent Serbia at the European contest. The national festival will have two different semi-finals and a big final.

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