Annemarija Moiseja (Supernova 2020): “Now I really want to prove myself and do my best”.

The ESCplus team has talked to Annemarija Moiseja, participant of Supernova 2020, the Latvian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, with the song “Undo” to know a little more about her candidacy and the experience that she is currently living. You can read the full interview below.

How do you feel about your participation in Supernova 2020?

I feel great! It’s my second time in Supernova, but in 2017 I didn’t get to the live shows. But I think at that time I wasn’t ready to participate in Supernova, I was too shy and not so confident. Now I really want to prove myself and do my best.

Can you tell us about the message of your song? Does it talk about any experience of your own life?

The song message is very simple. The meaning is that would be great if we could turn back time and do things differently. Change our words, actions, emotions and so on. It would be great that life could give us a second chance to fix everything. To live without regrets. Maybe it would be nice to turn back things to be with the loved ones who we let go and make it all better. It depends on what we regret and want to change to make it work correctly again. I think the song meaning will touch everyone, because I am sure, that in every life there is something that we regret and we think “oh, it would be great to turn back time, I wouldn’t do that and everything would be okey”. I am one of these persons who have thought like that and I can say, that some part of this song shows some part of me.

How will the staging be at Supernova 2020? Can you reveal anything?

If I get to the final, I have some ideas in my mind, but I don’t want to say anything, because then it wouldn’t be a surprise.

How did you decide to submit a song to represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020?

When I was a little girl, one of my dreams was to participate in Eurovision. Now I’m at that age when I can send my application and fight for the stage. It’s a great place to reach a bigger audience! This year I went to a songwriting camp where I met with talented people, musicians who helped write this song. When we were writing this song, our aim wasn’t to send it to Supernova, but in the end we decided that with some improvement we can try to send the application. And now here we are!

If you finally win Supernova 2020, are you going to promote your song in the official pre-parties that take place in different European countries before Eurovision?

It’s hard to answer this question, but I think that I would love to do that, because, then I would meet other great people and make some new contacts and also I would advertise my song and country.

Have you heard the rest of the songs of Supernova 2020? What do you think about them?

Yes, I heard all of them! I think this year Supernova songs are very different and actually with a strong meaning. There are so many new vocalists and I think that’s awesome, it’s something new and I think it’s great!

Annemarija Moiseja – “Undo” (Supernova 2020)

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Supernova 2020 will be organized by Latvijas Televīzija, the Latvian broadcasting organization best known internationally like LTV. This contest will represent its sixth edition, since it was inaugurated in 2015. Since then, it has been used as the Latvian pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. A total of twenty six candidates will be the participants of the contest, but only eight of them will be qualified for the Grand Final. This will be held on Saturday, February 8, 2020, and its winner will be the artist who will represent Latvia in Rotterdam during the broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 next May.

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