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Reiley Talks about his Performance, Style, and Pre-Show Ritual | Eurovision 2023 Denmark Interview

Jose Rodari talks with Reiley, Denmark's representative at Eurovision, after winning DMGP 2023, about his performance, style and rituals

Denmark’s representative, Reiley, shares his enthusiasm for being in Madrid and his plans for Eurovision 2023. Although his visit to Spain is short, Reiley is enjoying the experience and looks forward to some sightseeing before heading home.

When discussing his Eurovision performance, Reiley hints at an exciting and colorful show, mentioning it will be a much different and bigger production due to the larger Eurovision stage. He also talks about his personal style, sometimes working with a stylist and other times dressing himself.

Finally, Reiley shares his pre-show ritual, which involves eating candy for an energy boost and feeling good before taking the stage. Wishing Reiley the best of luck, we can’t wait to see his performance at Eurovision 2023.