Interview Bulgaria

Poli Genova: Revisiting Eurovision & Hopes for Bulgaria – Exclusive Interview at Madrid’s PrePartyES

Our colleague Jose interviews Poli Genova (Bulgaria 2016) in Madrid's PrePartyES and they talk about Eurovision and hopes for Bulgaria

Join Poli Genova, Bulgaria’s two-time Eurovision star, as she shares her thoughts on the blue carpet at Madrid’s 2023 PrePartyES event. Discover her fondness for Spain and her genuine connection with the Eurovision community.

Listen as Poli reflects on Bulgaria’s recent absence from the competition and expresses her desire to represent her country once again. Learn about her aspirations for a successful third appearance and her message to Bulgarian television.

Explore Poli’s versatile talents as both a performer and presenter, and her excitement for hosting events like the Madrid PrePartyES. Delve into her appreciation for the Eurovision community and the joy it brings.

Gain insight into Poli’s opinions on this year’s competition, while she tactfully avoids naming specific favorites. Uncover her expectations for the future host country and her belief in their capability to create a memorable Eurovision event.

Don’t miss Poli Genova’s heartfelt gratitude for her fans and her excitement to be part of the Eurovision family. Share in the happiness that Eurovision brings to her and countless fans around the world.