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Pasha Parfeni Talks Eurovision Return, Celebrating Moldovan Culture, and Pre-Performance Rituals

Jose Rodari talked during Madrid's PrePartyES with Pasha Parfeni who represented Moldova at Eurovision 2012 and will be representing again the country in Liverpool, about Moldovan culture and pre-performance rituals

In a candid interview with ESCplus’s Jose Rodari, Pasha Parfeni, who previously represented Moldova in Eurovision 2012, shares his excitement about returning to the Eurovision stage in 2023. Pasha and Jose discuss the differences between Pasha’s past experience and his upcoming performance in Liverpool.

Pasha says that 11 years ago, he was younger and less experienced, which made him more stressed during Eurovision. This time around, he feels more relaxed and prepared, promising a more magical performance with Moldovan cultural elements. He believes that embracing their region’s ancient traditions and celestial symbols will be a strong selling point for their entry.

Pasha also highlights the importance of unity and peace, particularly given Moldova’s proximity to Ukraine. While Eurovision is not a political event, he expresses gratitude for the support that Moldova receives.

When asked about superstitions and lucky charms, Pasha reveals that he practices meditation before going on stage, using a special item in his room to help him focus. As the interview wraps up, Jose wishes Pasha the best of luck in his upcoming Eurovision performance.