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Luke Black Talks Eurovision Staging Preparations and Lucky Charms | Eurovision 2023 Serbia Interview

Luke Black, who will be representing Serbia at Eurovision 2023 talked with Jose Rodari about his preparations for Liverpool, lucky charms and more

Serbian Eurovision representative, Luke Black, talks about his preparations for Eurovision 2023, his love for Spain, and his thoughts on superstitions and lucky charms. Despite some nerves leading up to the competition, Luke is excited about his performance and shares insights into the staging process.

Luke reveals that he will be hands-on with the staging, working closely with his friends to create a powerful and captivating show. The performance is meant to embody the spirit of waking up in a strange place and triumphing over challenges, inspired by the art of Salvador Dali.

Despite being socially anxious, Luke admits that people often describe him as having a mystical aura. He shares his love for Madrid and his plans to visit Salvador Dali’s creative spaces to absorb the artist’s energy. While Luke doesn’t have much time to visit Madrid’s art museums during this trip, he promises to return in the future.

When it comes to superstitions and lucky charms, Luke mentions having an aquamarine stone to help him with his singing and bracelets meant to calm him down. He wears these items in support of his friends’ beliefs, though he may not be entirely convinced himself.

As he prepares for Eurovision 2023, Luke Black looks forward to showcasing his talents and captivating the audience with his unique performance.