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Lord of the Lost (Germany 2023): “I felt every emotion except pain and hate”

ESCplus International reporter Denis Kurris has been with Niklas, Lord of the Lost's drummer talking about their participation in Eurovision, their music and more

ESCplus International reporter Denis Kurris sits down with Niklas, the drummer of Lord of the Lost, Germany’s representative for Eurovision 2023.

They discuss the band’s reaction to their win in the German national selection, how they cope with the emotions of success, and the band’s unique style. In this exclusive interview, Nicholas recalls the moment when they were announced as winners, experiencing a blackout, and how quickly everything started moving as they prepared for Eurovision.

The band members were caught off-guard by the whirlwind of press conferences and interviews, but they are embracing the adventure. Nicholas addresses the seemingly contrasting image of the tough-looking Lord of the Lost entering the sparkly and colorful world of Eurovision.

He explains that they have always been a diverse and colorful band, both in their appearance and their music. As the drummer puts it, “We’ve always been colorful in any way.” Finally, the interview delves into the band’s genre-defying identity.

Although they have been described as an industrial metal band and glam rock, Nicholas believes it is hard to put them in one box. He encourages everyone to discover Lord of the Lost for themselves and experience their energetic live shows.