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Let 3: ‘We Will Protect You with the Power of Love’ – Eurovision 2023 Croatia PrePartyES Interview

Croatia will be represented in Liverpool by Let 3, who talked with Jose Rodari during Madrid's PrePartyES about their performance

Croatian band Let 3 shares their excitement about representing their country at Eurovision 2023 in an interview with ESCplus’s Jose Rodari. The band members discuss their previous visits to Spain, their intentions behind entering the Croatian contest, and the powerful message behind their song.

Let 3 explains that their goal is to use the massive platform provided by Eurovision to spread their anti-war message. Their song emphasizes the power of love and unity, aiming to make the world a better place for everyone, regardless of race, religion, nationality, or political beliefs.

As for their controversial performance, the band is still finalizing preparations for their stage show in Liverpool. They acknowledge that good art often invites controversy and discussion, comparing their performance to the enigmatic Mona Lisa. They believe their “golden tractor” symbolizes transhumanism and serves as a weapon against human stupidity, powered by electricity to combat hunger, war, and hate.

Let 3 thanks their fans for their support and promises to bring their message of love and unity to the Eurovision stage in Liverpool.