Junior Eurovision

Katarina Savić: “My song is about love and feelings that all teenagers have when they are in love for the first time”

We had the opportunity to talk to Katarina, the Serbian representative at #JuniorEurovision 2022.

Katarina Savić is a 13-year-old artist born on 17 November 2009 in the capital city of Belgrade. Since the age of five she has been passionate about the trombone, an instrument with which she has triumphed at international events and which will be part of the stage design in Yerevan. She says that, although many people think it is a very difficult instrument to play, she really believes it is not, that with a little practice anyone can play it. Her love of music was passed on to her by her sister, the violinist Jovana Savić.

She started in the artistic world at a very young age, taking music lessons with leading teachers of traditional Balkan music, especially piano and the trombone itself at the Stanković music school with the teacher Vera Ristić. She also began her ballet lessons at the Lujo Davico school and went on to become a professional ballet dancer, starring in several shows in Belgrade.

ESCplus: How did you feel when you knew your broadcaster had chosen you to represent your country at Junior Eurovision 2022? Have you ever dreamt of it? 

Katarina: I am very happy and honored to represent Serbia in this competition. Not only as a competitor, but also as an artist, because I am a singer, ballerina and trombonist. 

ESCplus: Could you make a description about yourself? Personal tastes, favorite artists, hobbies, places you have visited, how you like to spend your free time, etc. 

Katarina: I am all into Art. I like to go to concerts and theater to enjoy ballet and opera. I like to play music together with my family members. My sister Jovana is a violinist, and my mother Nina is a pianist. We mostly play jazz. When I’m with my friends, we love to watch movies, especially horror movies. 

ESCplus: What do you think about the stage design of Junior Eurovision 2022? 

Katarina: The Design is very nice. I am sure that the visual surrounding will inspire all of us on stage. 

ESCplus: Can you tell us about the recording of your music video? How many hours did you spend on it? Were there any funny anecdotes? 

Katarina: The Process of recording the music video was fun but also very demanding. It was interesting to see and hear the empty space of the shopping mall. While we were shooting the video, I was with my friends. My stage partner Martin was also on that shooting and we had funny moments. He made me laugh when I was trying to be serious. You know, it was a challenge to stand still in a shop window, on a small chair. I was lucky, because I am a ballerina and I can stand on my toes long enough without falling.

ESCplus: How is the outfit you will be showing during your performance? Who’s behind the design? 

Katarina: Žaklina Marjanović is behind the costume design. I will change my outfit during the performance, but I can’t tell you the details because that will be a surprise. 

ESCplus: What’s your song about? Were you involved in the composition? What was the first thought that crossed your mind the first time you listened to it? 

Katarina: My song is about love and about feelings that all teenagers have when they are in love for the first time. 

ESCplus: What do you think the experience of participating in Junior Eurovision will be like? How are you living this great moment in your family and school? 

Katarina: I hope that I will connect with other talented competitors and share with them my music and knowledge about music and dance. 

ESCplus: Do you have experience in previous competitions? What is the most special place you have performed? In what great hall or theater would you like to show your talent to the public?

Katarina: I have experience in competitions as a singer and trombonist. With trombone I won four laureate prizes in national and international competitions. Also, I was at singing competitions and won maximum points on “Golden Mermaid ” in 2019. It is a very popular competition in Serbia. 

ESCplus: Have you talked to any of the other participants? Do you know any of the participating songs this year? 

Katarina: Yes, we already connect by Social medias and we are communicating on every day level. 

ESCplus: What are your favorite Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision songs? Could you sing us a few seconds of your song? 

Katarina: My favourite song from this year is Señorita from Carlos, but also I love Marija Serifović’s song Molitva. She won Eurovision in 2007. 

ESCplus: Can you send a message to all the readers of ESCplus? 

Katarina: Enjoy the music at Junior Eurovision show and Spin the magic!