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Joker Out (Slovenia 2023) Talk Food, Fun, and Collaborations – Madrid’s PrePartyES 2023 Interview

Jose Rodari talks with Joker Out, Slovenian representatives in Liverpool at Madrid's PrePartyES 2023 about their music, food and more

Join Joker Out, Slovenia’s 2023 Eurovision representatives, as they chat about their time in Spain and excitement for their upcoming performance. Discover their taste for Spanish cuisine as they share their indulgences in paella, churros, and tapas.

Explore their anticipation for the big night, as they express their eagerness to sing and jump with fans during their performance. Learn about their readiness for Eurovision, with all their production and preparations complete ahead of time.

Delve into Joker Out’s potential future collaborations, as they mention Spanish singer Blanca Paloma and French artist La Zaire as potential partners. Hear their appreciation for Blanca Paloma’s song and stage performance, which leaves them with goosebumps every time they see it.

Uncover the band’s lucky charms and traditions, as they reveal their secrets for maintaining positive energy during their live performances. Share in their excitement and join them in celebrating a night of music and fun.

Don’t miss Joker Out’s charismatic interview as they gear up for a memorable Eurovision experience and look forward to an unforgettable night at Madrid’s 2023 PrePartyES event.