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Gustaph (Belgium 2023) Talks Hats, Fashion, and Upcoming Changes in Liverpool | PrePartyES Interview

Gustaph talks with Jose Rodari during Madrid's PrePartyES about fashion and upcoming changes in Belgium's performance at Liverpool

Join Gustaph, the Eurovision 2023 representative from Belgium, as he discusses his love for hats, fashion, and his first time in Madrid. Discover how Gustaph uses fashion as part of his performance, incorporating his signature hats into his stage persona.

Gustaph shares some insights into the upcoming changes for his Eurovision performance in Liverpool. Although he can’t reveal too much, he promises a more dynamic performance with three backing vocalists and better use of the stage.

The singer also opens up about his superstitions and the special cancer sign necklace given to him by his grandfather, which he always wears for good luck. Enjoy this candid conversation with Gustaph as he prepares for the Eurovision stage.