Interview Junior Eurovision Junior Eurovision 2023

FIA: “I think it’s a great experience to perform together with so many other talents from different countries”

Enjoy the full interview with FIA on our website. The German representative tells us many details about her song and her expectations for Nice.

ESCplus had the pleasure to talk to FIA, the German representative at Junior Eurovision 2023, just a few days before travelling to Nice. You can read the full interview, just below:

Hi! First of all, thank you very much for talking to ESCplus and congratulations for having been selected to wave your country’s flag at the greatest European song contest!

How did you feel when you knew your broadcaster had chosen you to represent your country at Junior Eurovision 2023? Had you ever dreamt with it? 

I was so excited and soooo happy. 😍 To be honest, I didn’t even know there was a Junior ESC beforehand. But it’s great that it exists❣

Could you make a description about yourself? Personal tastes, favorite artists, hobbies, places you have visited, how you like to spend your free time, etc. 

I like baggy trousers and simply cool clothes. I looooove LALISA from Blackpink and of course Lena too.❤

My hobbies are singing and dancing. I’ve often been to Shanghai, that’s where I was born. I’ve also been to Bali, Greece, Spain and Austria. In my free time, I like to meet up with my friends.

If you had to describe yourself in one word: What would it be? 

It would be the word “dreamy”.

Can you tell us about the recording of your music video? How many hours did you spend on it? Were there any funny anecdotes? 

My music video shoot was amazing. We had sooooo much fun because my friends and lots of lovely people were there❣ It was really funny when we threw the powder in the air💖

How is the outfit you will be showing during your performance?

That will be a surprise. I love it! 🤩

What’s your song about? Were you involved in the composition? What was the first thought that crossed your mind the first time you listened to it?

It’s about the connection between my little sister Emilia and me and how we communicate with each other. I brought my ideas, wishes and text ideas into the song. I immediately liked the song very very much 😍

If you could choose an international artist or an artist from your country to sing your song, which one do you think would suit best? 


Which artist do you consider as a role model? 

My role model is LALISA from Blackpinck.🤩

What do you think the experience of participating in Junior Eurovision will be like? How are you living this great moment in your family and school? 

I think it’s a great experience to perform together with so many other talents from different countries😍❣ I think everyone in my family is a bit overwhelmed because they weren’t expecting so much excitement. My friends in the school are really happy for me.🥰

Do you have experience in previous competitions? What is the most special place you have performed? In what great hall or theater would you like to show your talent to the public? 

Yes, I took part in The Voice Kids 2023. And it was the best place for me so far. Of course, my favourite place to perform now is at the JESC.

Have you talked to any of the other participants? Do you know any of the participating songs this year?  

I wrote directly with Maja from Poland. I know all the songs and love listening to them.🎶

This year’s competition is being held in France – do you know anything about their culture? What are you most looking forward to doing when you travel there in November? 

I don’t know that much about the culture, but I’m currently learning French at school. It’s a very beautiful language.❤

I’m most looking forward to spending time with the other children.

What do you think about the stage design of Junior Eurovision 2023? 

It is very beautiful. 😍💖

What are your favorite Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision songs?

Lena with “Satellite” and Duncan Laurence with “Arcade”.  JESC songs… I have to be honest… I love all the songs 😍 and I really enjoy singing them myself 😅🤭.

From our team we wish FIA and all Junior Eurovision participants the best of luck next week in Nice. Special thanks to Kerstin Heinrichs (NDR)