Enzo: “When I sing Tic Tac I try to spread a message about taking our time, and enjoying every second of our life to the audience” – Exclusive Interview

Our website, ESCplus has had the opportunity to have a nice conversation with the French representative at the next Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Enzo. The artist tells us everything about the great experience he is living and helps us to get to know him a little better.

Hello Enzo, thank you very much for accepting our invitation to do this interview in which for sure, you will have a great time, shall we begin?

1.            How did you feel when you knew your broadcaster had chosen you to represent your country at Junior Eurovision 2021? Had you ever dreamt with it?

I was super shocked and thankful and mostly super proud to represent my country because junior Eurovision to me is a dream and a huge competition.

2.            Could you make a description about yourself? Personal tastes, favorite artists, hobbies, places you have visited, how you like to spend your free time, etc.

I am a very enthusiastic and energetic person, but also sometimes anxieties and stress, but I am always well surrounded to overcome that 😊

My favorite singer/rappers are Travis Scott, Drake, Jay-Z, Ed Sheeran, Soprano and Justin Bieber. I am a lucky boy, I already have visited several countries : Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany and Morocco (where my mother is from). I like to spend my free time singing, rapping, playing football, tennis, rugby, and play with my dog, Mango.

3.            What do you think about the stage design of Junior Eurovision 2021?

I think the stage design for Junior Eurovision is incredible and huge. I can’t imagine seeing my small body singing “Tic Tac” in a big stage like this! I can’t wait!

4.            Can you tell us about the recording of your music video? How many hours did you spend on it? Were there any funny anecdotes?

Recording the music video was a new experience for me, since I have never done it before. I was super excited, and I wanted to have fun and enjoy the moment. The music video shooting lasted around 4 hours, and I had a lot of fun with my 5 dancers Lola, Lili, Yana, Lucas and Thiméo. They are the best !

5.            How is the outfit you will be showing during your performance? Who’s behind the design?

I currently don’t know which outfit I will be wearing because it is made by hand, right now. But it is a show and I will be singing “Tic Tac” so you can guess there will be gold involved… 😉

6.            What’s your song about? Were you involved in the composition? What was the first thought that crossed your mind the first time you listened to it?

“Tic Tac” is a song which talks about time and how time moves extremely fast, and for me when singing this song, I tried to spread a message about taking our time, and enjoying every second of our life to the audience. The first time I heard “Tic Tac”, there were around 100 emotions going through my head because I absolutely loved this song!

7.            What do you think the experience of participating in Junior Eurovision will be like? How are you living this great moment in your family?

I think participating at Junior Eurovision will be fascinating since I always watch it every year, and I imagine myself singing to represent my country France!!!!! It is incredible ! A dream coming true !

8.            What is the most special place you have performed? In what great hall or theater would you like to show your talent to the public?

The most special place I have performed at would be “The Voice Kids” so far, but I am guessing that Eurovision is bringing me some surprises very soon… And my dream is to perform in Wembley.

9.            Have you talked to any of the other participants? Do you know any of the participating songs this year?

So far I haven’t talked to any participants but I really love Germany’s song!

10.         What are your favorite Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision songs? Could you sing us a few seconds of your song?

My favourite Eurovision song of all time is voila by Barbara Pravi “Voilà”, I really felt each emotion of that song.

Special thanks to Ludovic Hurel, Head of Press of the French delegation for his kind treatment and management & Candice Garaud

Enzo will represent France in Junior Eurovision with the song “Tic Tac” at the grand finale on December 19 in Paris. Listen to his song down here