Belgium 2023: Interviews with “The Starlings” and “Gustaph”

This week ESCplus International had the chance to interview two competing acts of the upcoming Belgian national final, “Eurosong 2023”, which will take place tomorrow (January 14th 2023) in the capital of Belgium, Brussels. The acts we interviewed are “The Starlings” and “Gustaph”.

Song choice shows

Since January 9th 2023 there have been daily shows in which the competing acts of Belgian Eurosong 2023 take the stage and sing their 2 songs in front of their peers, then they choose themselves with which song they are going to compete in the Belgian national final. In this regard, Gustaph still needs to choose his song for upcoming Saturday, just like The Starlings. Of both acts we will know the song this evening (January 13th 2023) when the last episode of the song choice shows will air at 19:45 CET.

Source: VRT, Eurosong 2023, logo

The Starlings

About The Starlings we can say that this duo consists of married couple, Kato and Tom. Eurovision fans might remember Tom because he represented Belgium in the contest of 2010 in Oslo (Norway) with the song “Me and My Guitar”, ending up in 1st position in Semi-final 1, and 6th (of 25) in the Grand Final. Kato became famous in Belgium in 2011 when she competed in the singing talent show “Idool” (trans. “Belgian Idol”); during the show she was nicknamed “the girl with the ukelele”, because she used to play this instrument during her performances on the show, but for Eurosong 2023 she leaves her ukelele at home. Now, as the duo The Starlings, Kato and Tom are making waves together in Belgium and beyond.

Source: ESCplus International YouTube channel, Interview with The Starlings of Eurosong 2023


Gustaph has been in the music industry for more than a several odd years, so this singer brings experience to the stage, which shows in his performance during the song choice shows of Eurosong 2023. Gustaph has also been in the Eurovision Song Contest before, no less than two times for that matter. He was a background singer for Belgian entrant Sennek in the contest of 2018 in Lisbon (Portugal), and he was also a background singer for the Belgian entry of Hooverphonic in the 2021 contest in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), and now it is time for Gustaph to try to take center stage himself.

Source: ESCplus International YouTube channel, Interview with Gustaph of Eurosong 2023

ESCplus Live

Watch the last song choice show this evening at 19:45 CET, and tomorrow you can watch the Belgian national final at 20:20 CET on our dedicated live website, “ESCplus Live”, click on the link on the stated times to watch these shows: