Alinur & Beknur: “Our song is about us getting in a fairy world, where all the dreams come true.” – Exclusive Interview

Our website, ESCplus has had the opportunity to have a nice conversation with the Kazakhstani representatives at the next Junior Eurovision Song Contest, Alinur Khamzin & Beknur Zhanibekuly. The artists tells us everything about the great experience they are living and helps us to get to know them a little better.

Hi! First of all, thank you very much for talking to ESCplus and congratulations for having been selected to wave your country’s flag at the greatest European song contest!

  1. How did you feel when you won your National Final to represent your country at Junior Eurovision 2021? Had you ever dreamt with it?

Alinur: I felt a great happiness, obviously. I couldn’t believe, whether it is reality. Surely, it is a dream of every participant of national selection, and I’m not an exception, I am so excited to win the national final and represent Kazakhstan. It’s the biggest win I have ever had.

Beknur: It was shocking. It was my dream and I was hoping to win, but It still was shocking

  • Could you make a description about yourself? Personal tastes, favorite artists, hobbies, places you have visited, how you like to spend your free time, etc.

Alinur: I’d say I’m fun, fair and easygoing kind of person, who quickly gets well with others and loves to smile a lot. In music, Dimash Kudaibergen, Witney Houston, Beyonce, Michael Jackson are my favourites. I love not only their songs, but the way they perform on scenes also. Except for singing, I love doing robotics and handicraft, if I have free time.

Beknur: I was born in a year of Dragon. I love sushi, raclette and Beshparmak. My personality is half angry half happy. I love airplanes and trains. My favorite artist is TheFatRat.

  • Can you tell us about the recording of your music video? How many hours did you spend on it? Were there any funny anecdotes?

Alinur: It was my first time when I was involved into large-scale clip shooting. There were few places, where we recorded music video. The process and the plot of video were exciting for me. We spent about 3 hours for recording those parts with me and Beknur, but overall it was spent about couple of days. I really liked all of that, because I felt myself as a superstar.

Beknur: Official clip took about four hours to stage me and Alinur. Producers did good. They prepared everything upfront, so we just did our part quickly.

  • What’s your song about? Were you involved in the composition? What was the first thought that crossed your mind the first time you listened to it?

Alinur: To be honest, I didn’t really liked the song, when I have heard it for the first time. But my feelings have totally changed after. The song is called “Fairy world”, I can say the meaning is closely connected to me. It is about me getting in another fairy world, where all my dreams come true. Even though I was not involved in the composition, it was composed based on my personality, background and the way how I view the world.

Beknur: The song is about magical World. My vocal teacher Gabriel did the translation of the French part.

  • What do you think the experience of participating in Junior Eurovision will be like? How are you living this great moment in your family?

Alinur: I’m sure that it is going to be a great and highly valuable experience for me, as for other participants. This is gonna give me a large range of emotions. My family’s members are extremely happy for me. When I came back home, my family, friends, relatives have met me with a surprise. And we did a little celebration at home as well.

Beknur: It will make me famous. Nothing has  changed in my family.

  • What is the most special place you have performed? In what great hall or theater would you like to show your talent to the public?

Alinur: The most special place where I have ever performed is Central Concert Hall in capital of Kazakhstan, when I was a participant of singing contest. There are many great places for large concerts in my country that I know and probably I want to perform in Astana Opera.

Beknur: I already performed at Pavilion Josephine at Orangerie park in Strasbourg and I definitely wish to perform at Junior Eurovision stage.

  • Have you talked to any of the other participants? Do you know any of the participating songs this year?

Alinur: I have not talked to other participants yet. But I have heard some of their songs which they are gonna sing. Each of them  is pretty beautiful and special. I’m so glad that I will perform with such talented guys behind one scene.

Beknur: I am in the chat group with participants, but haven’t meet them yet. I know France’s song Tic Tac, Serbia’s Children’s eyes,  Poland’s Somebody and Russia’s song Mon Amie.

  • What are your favorite Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision songs? Could you sing us a few seconds of your song?

Alinur: I really liked the junior Eurovision in 2019, when the winner was Viki Gabor from Poland with the song Superhero. The song and her vocal were so excited for me, indeed.

Beknur: Valentina’s song J’imagine is my most favorite.

Special thanks to Janibek Bektemissov for his kind treatment

Alinur Khamzin & Beknur Zhanibekuly will represent Kazakhstan in Junior Eurovision with the song “Ертегі әлемі (Fairy World)” at the grand final on December 19 in Paris. Listen to his song down here