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Alika (Estonia 2023) Talks Eurovision Journey, Intimate Performance, and Potential Collaborations

Jose Rodari talks during Madrid's PrePartyES with Alika, who will be representing Estonia in Liverpool, about her Eurovision Journey and collaborations

In an interview with ESCplus’s Jose Rodari, Alika, representing Estonia in Eurovision 2023, shares her excitement about her first time in Madrid and her upcoming performance in Liverpool. Alika reveals that she is not feeling too much pressure at the moment and is enjoying the journey leading up to Eurovision. She anticipates feeling more anxious closer to the event.

Alika’s favorite aspect of the pre-parties is performing and sharing her energy with the audience. For her Eurovision staging, she plans to create an intimate atmosphere, connecting one-on-one with viewers. She explains that the song is very personal and special to her, and she wants to convey feelings of honesty and soulfulness rather than creating a grand spectacle.

When asked about her plans for the staging, Alika shares that the Estonia piano will be an essential part of her performance. She aims to create an intimate space where she can connect with the audience and make them feel like they are in the same room.

Alika also discusses her superstitions and lucky charms. She used to have a red talisman with seven knots, which her mother made for her, but it recently broke. She plans to create a new one with her mother when she returns to Estonia.

As for potential collaborations, Alika expresses her interest in working with Finland’s Eurovision representative, describing them as Estonia’s “brothers.” She is intrigued by the idea of blending their piano ballad with a more upbeat song for a possible hit.

In closing, Jose wishes Alika the best of luck in her upcoming Eurovision performance in Liverpool.