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Gallery: This has been the performance of Sandra Valero, representative of Spain at Junior Eurovision 2023

Spain returns in style to the Top 3 of Junior Eurovision. Exciting, energetic, close and fun. This has been Sandra Valero’s performance with «LOVIU». She has conquered the audience at the Palais Nikaïa in Nice. Sandra and the dancers, Marcos, Elia, Juan Diego and Evelyn, received a warm ovation from the public.

The representative of Spain in the European song contest has finished in 2nd place with 201 points: 115 from the national juries (the third most voted country) and 86 from the audience (the second most voted country).

Spain has achieved the highest score from Estonia, Georgia, France and Italy. In fact, it has been the country with the most maximum scores along with France and Armenia.

Sandra Valero has achieved another record, it0s the only time that she has managed to get on the podium performing in first position.

Enjoy the best moments of Spain’s performance below: