Brunettes Shoot Blondes: “Every Monday is a very lyrical song about nostalgia and mixed feelings” (Ukrainian finalists – Exclusive Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to Brunettes Shoot Blondes, finalists of this year’s Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision. The band will perform “Every Monday” in the final set on February 21.

ESC+Plus: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your time and congratulations on having been selected to take part in the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2016!

Can you tell us about you, your musical career and important achievements?

Brunettes Shoot Blondes was formed in 2010 in a Ukrainian city called Kryvyi Ryh. In September 2014 we released a self-directed music video for the song Knock Knock. After the video became viral, receiving more than 80 mil. views on the Internet (Facebook, YouTube etc.), Brunettes Shoot Blondes was positively reviewed by such medias as Billboard, Yahoo! Music, The Daily Mirror, USA Today, Mashable, Business Insider, Daily Mail and many others. The video won “The best concept” nomination at Berlin Music Video Awards beating Hozier, M.I.A., Ibei. At the end of 2014 we presented a new self-directed video work for the song Bittersweet, which became a part of advertising campaign for a car giant Opel. The last year we released our debut album, and our songs sound in large-scale TV commercials.

E+: What impelled you to take part in the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision 2016?

Ukrainian music scene changed a lot for the last several years. It became very creative, experimental and professional. We want to show the world a new face of Ukrainian independent music.

E+: How did you feel when you knew you had qualified for the final? Did you expect it?

We were going to get to the final part of the national selection and we did it. The jury appreciated our song, which of course makes us happy. We have always had our own view on the music despite the opinion of others. This time the opinion of all members of jury regarding the song coincided with ours. We were really happy to hear they called “Every Monday” one of the best songs on the selection. That means a lot to us. But what is more is the approval of the listeners who voted for Brunettes Shoot Blondes. We want to say a huge “Thank you” to them.

E+: What it would mean for you to represent Ukraine?

That would be a big honor to represent Ukraine on the international stage. I think for every artist it is a big responsibility. But when a person has such a support of the people it goes far more from just a personal interest. We want Ukraine to be associated with talent, progress, culture and strength. Ukraine is strong and we want the world to know that.

E+: Can you tell us about your song? What is the story behind the lyrics?

The song Every Monday is very lyrical. It is about nostalgia and mixed feelings. When you have memories of true youth love and the sadness of mistakes, made in the past.

E+: Why do you think your song has to be selected for Stockholm? What are you strengths to reach the top in the competition?

First of all it is our song. Love matters and this is what our song is about. Our creativity is another reason. We have already showed it in our self-directed music videos. And we will be glad to do it again.

E+: If you could choose a Eurovision former participant to sing along with, who would it be?

I guess we would have much fun singing with ABBA.

E+: Besides Eurovision, what are your plans for this year?

We are working on a new video for the song Every Monday. This spring we have a big show in Kyiv with a new program. And in Summer we are performing on the stages of several European music festivals.

E+: Finally, can you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?

I wish readers to appreciate love and to love life. Thank you!

E+: Thanks for your time and good luck!

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