Vanotek: “Our song has a cool fresh sound and a message a lot of people connect with” (Romanian semifinalist – Exclusive Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to Vanotek, semifinalist of this year’s Romanian national selection for Eurovision. Vanotek will perform “I’m coming home” along with The Code & Georgian in the semi-final of Selectia Nationala 2016 to take place on March 4.

ESC+Plus: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your time and congratulations on having been selected to take part in the Romanian national selection for Eurovision 2016!

Hello, thanks a lot! We are excited we’re selected for National Selection for Eurovision 2016!

Can you tell us about you, your musical career and important achievements?

I have produced music for several artists from Romania: Dan Balan, Sasha Lopez, Anda Adam, Corina, Yanka. I have my own project with other two artists – Havana and songs released by me – “My Heart is Gone” and of course, “I’m Coming Home”. I have studied with The Code and teamed up with him and Georgian for this song.

E+: What impelled you to take part in “Selectia Nationala 2016” with The Code & Georgian?

We didn’t think of getting into this competition. But we’ve received a lot of messages from people asking us to register for “Selectia Nationala”. So, we did it a few hours before the deadline. It was really crazy!

E+: How did you feel when you knew you had qualified for the semi-final? Did you expect it?

Super excited and happy! And a bit worried because we knew we have a strong competition and we have to work a lot to have an excellent show on 4th of March!

E+: What would it mean to you to represent Romania?

A lot! It would be amazing to represent Romania at Stockholm at Eurovision!

E+: Can you tell us about your song? What is the story behind the lyrics?

It’s a strong song with a sensitive message: no matter where you go, there’s no place like home!

E+: Why do you think your song has to be selected for Stockholm? What are you strengths to reach the top in the competition?

It has an international sound, a lot of people say that and I’m happy about it! It has a message that a lot of people connect with. A cool fresh sound. And of course, very good vocals thanks to Georgian!

E+: How are you preparing your stage performance for “Selectia Nationala 2016”?

We are working on this as we speak. We have just a few days before the show!

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? What are your favorite songs in the history of the competition?

We used to watch the show, but I can’t say I have favorite songs.

E+: Besides Eurovision, what are your plans for this year?

Releasing new songs, working on new music, concerts.

E+: Finally, can you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?

I hope you will watch Eurovision, fingers crossed for us! Hope you will support us! Vanotek, The Code and Georgian #ImComingHome for Eurovision.

E+: Thanks for your time and good luck!

Thank you!

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  1. I like their song.From my 6 most liked songs of the romanian NF.

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