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The Eurovision 2014 stage is ready!

The Eurovision 2014 stage has been finished and this is how it looks!

The lighting designer Kasper Lange and his team (46) have been actively working to bring Eurovision 2014 the best light effects, all controlled by a special software. A big LED screen has been displayed, the screen have an enormous dimension: 1200 m2, “It will be the biggest LED screen ever used in Denmark and one of the biggest in the world,” explained Mr Lange a few days ago.

  • A steel structure has been constructed on stage. It’s made up of a massive 40 tonnes of steel and towers 20 meters high;
  • The stage floor is an LED floor made of aluminium and glass that can bear a maximum load of 1 tonne per LED
  • A special acrylic polycarbonate screen has been mounted onto each cube element that makes up the set, on which stills and video content can be projected;
  • There are 32 projectors around the stage;
  • 10 sound mixers are in place, featuring 100 wireless channels for in-ear and microphones. They are being operated by a sound crew of 30 people. The sound will be in stereo and 5.1 Dolby Surround;
  • 11,424 kg loudspeakers and amplifiers are hanging from the ceiling;
  • 22 cameras, including 2 cranes, 5 rails, a 3D and 2D-wire system and 2 steady-cams will be
    used to register the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest.


Eurovision 2014 will take place on May 6, 8 and 10 in the B&H Hallerne located in Copenhagen (Denmark).

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9 thoughts on “The Eurovision 2014 stage is ready!

  1. I guess they’ll guide Them to the side and then walk backstage and get ready like there Will be doors for backstage at both sides Down at the end of the Hall
    Then maybe walk in from left perform walk out to the Right get out in the Hall walk at the side Down to greenroom again as other songs are playing as you see there are open at both sides at the greenroom

    But i Think this stage is gonna be awesome 🙂

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