Sweden: Melodifestivalen 2016 – Semi-Final 1 (Vote in our poll)

A new poll has just been open on ESC+Plus You!

Vote for your favourite songs in the Eurovision style site by clicking the on banner below:


About ESC+Plus You:

ESC+Plus You is a microsite created by the ESC+Plus Network where you can vote for your favourite songs in the Eurovision style 12, 10, 8 – 1. Moreover, you can use a brand new tool called the ESC+Plus You Sorter, where you are asked which songs you like the most and, by using this information, the tool provides you a list of all the entries ranked according to your taste. This ranking is later translated to the voting fields.

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About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons

Seguidor desde pequeño del festival, pero no fue hasta que Sergio Dalma nos represento en Italia cuando me entro verdaderamente la vena eurofan, creador de la web escspain.com y ahora redactor en ESC+Plus España.

One comment

  1. Here is my own top7 ranking.

    1) Ace Wilder
    2) Samir & Victor
    **Direct Qualifiers to the Final**
    3) Mattias & Albin
    4) Mimi
    **Qualification to the Andra Chansen**
    5) Pernilla Andersson
    6) Anna Book
    7) Robin

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