San Marino: La Storia di Valentina Monetta – The new album!‏

“Crisalide – La Storia di Valentina Monetta” is the new album by Valentina Monetta, released June 7th on digital music stores including Amazon and iTunes. The new album describes Valentina’s long musical road – her artistic development and amazing bandwidth, including unique live recordings and following her path through the world of pop music – and it’s just the beginning of a rising star.

The album featuers 17 tracks including the San Marino entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Conetst “Crisalide (vola)” in no less than 8 different versions.

The tracklisting of the album is:

  1. Una giornata belissima
  2. L’amore verrà
  3. Diadaba jazz
  4. Da mia proprietà
  5. Think about
  6. My Funny Valentina (Live-Jazz-Version)
  7. The Social Network Song (oh oh-uh-oh oh) (Live Jazz Version)
  8. Facebook (uh oh oh) (Euroclub-Version)
  9. I’ll Follow The Sunshine
  10. Crisalide (vola) (Original-Version)
  11. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Eng. Dance-Version)
  12. Crisalide (vola) (Jazz-Version)


13. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Engl. Radio-Pop-Version)

14. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Eng. Radio-Jazz-Version)

15. Crisalide (vola) (Radio-Pop-Version)

16. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Original-Engl.-Version)

17. Crisalide (vola) (Dance-Version)

You can buy a copy of the album in in all major digital music stores including Amazon and iTunes.

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