Salva Beltrán: “I want all people to be happy while listening to my song” (Spanish finalist – Exclusive Video Interview)

ESC+Plus has had the chance to have two talks with Salvador Beltrán, participant of the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2016!

The original video interviews were made in Spanish, but you can see the translation of the questions below:

ESC+Plus: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your time and congratulations on having been selected to take part in the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2016!

How are you preparing your performance a few days before the final?

I am working very hard but enjoying a lot, which is very important. I want to bring that happiness on stage and transmit it to all the audience.

People are going to catch the energy and positive feelings from the very beginning of the song. The staging will be also filled with fresh vibes.

E+: Can you tell us about your stage performance? What kind of elements will you be using?

The only think I can say that I am going to carry my guitar (the one in the video) and my voice. I can give you a hint, all people wherever they are will wish to be there with us. It will be one of the most important performances in my life and I will do my best.

E+: You are using the social network very much these days. What have you been trying to transmit to all your followers?

I want them to know how I am feeling. I am looking forward to representing Spain at Eurovision. I am very excited and working hard at the same time.

E+: If you won the national selection, what kind of arrangements would you like to see in the final version of your song?

I haven’t thought about that yet, because we are now involved in the preparations for the Spanish final, but, of course, I am going to improve the song as much as possible for Eurovision.

E+: Can you describe the other Spanish final participants and friends?

Xuso: He has chosen a secure song.

Maverick: I like his voice very much. He has a song in a very modern music style.

María Isabel: We all love María Isabel. She has also chosen a very up-to-date song.

Barei: I love her voice and how she performs.

Electric Nana: Her song has a very positive vibe.

E+: Apart from you, who would you choose to represent Spain from the other five candidates? 

It’s really hard, but I would choose Barei.

E+: Now, how do you describe your own proposal?

My entry is really overwhelming and it is going to transmit what we want, the Spanish personality. The song is for everyone, I want all people to be happy while listening to it. Our idea is to show Europe how we, the Spaniards, are.

E+: What do you think about the “national” jury members, Loreen, Edurne and Carlos Marín?

They have amazing voices and professionals. I am going to do my best to get the best score.

E+: What is your opinion about the 60% (jury) – 40% (televote) combination to choose the Spanish winner this year?

I think that it is really well-balanced, none is going to have the overall decision.

E+: What do you think about the idea of introducing international juries at the Spanish final?

I am very happy with that decision, we are working on that performance and they are going to judge it, which is great.

E+: Is this selection method is the correct one for you?

Having six finalists is really good and I like the idea of the audience deciding the chosen one.

E+: What is your opinion about the last year’s winner Måns Zelmerlöw and his song “Heroes”?

It’s a good song, the staging was incredible and it deserved the victory.

E+: Is a big staging necessary to win Eurovision?

It depends on the song. I honestly think that the staging helped Sweden a lot to win Eurovision 2015.

E+: What is the craziest idea you would do if you represented Spain?

Well, if I won Eurovision, I would tell all the audience to come with me on stage during the reprise.

E+: Could you tell us any anecdote you hadn’t shared publicly yet?

I have travelled a lot by train, always composing my own songs during the journeys. One day I was composing one of my songs “Malos Recuerdos” and there was an elderly couple next to me. I sang them the song and they started crying. I will never forget that moment.

E+: What’s the thing that has most impressed you from this event, press conferences, promo…?

I thought that the press conference was going to be more formal, but it was actually like a kind of party with all my colleagues around. I really liked it. It is being a really positive experience for me, I have got many supportive messages from fans and I am really happy.

E+: You got the spot 4 to perform at the Spanish final. Are you happy with it?

Yes, well, I didn’t mind the running position.

E+: What are you most looking forward to in the final?

I am looking forward to performing and enjoying the show and then, we will see what happens! I will do my best!

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?

Hello everyone, I am Salvador Beltrán and I want to send regards to all the members of ESC+Plus. I hope you feel and enjoy the song as much as we do. Big kiss!

Thanks for your time and enjoy!

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