Poll: Who should win Junior Eurovision 2020? – Vote and make your top 12!

ESCplus has released the annual poll that will help us predict the winner of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020. So, you can now vote in our poll and make your top of this year’s edition right here… Europe, start voting now!

Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020

Spain: Soleá - Palante3546
France: Valentina - J´imagine2699
Belarus: Arina Pehtereva - Aliens2156
The Netherlands: Unity - Best Friends2116
Poland: Ala Tracz - I´ll Be Standing1875
Kazakhstan: Karakat Bashanova - Forever1817
Georgia: Sandra Gadelia - You Are Not Alone1582
Germany: Susan - Stronger with you1390
Ukraine: Oleksandr Balabanov - Vidkryvai (Open Up)1390
Russia: Sofia Feskova - My New Day1234
Malta: Chanel Monseigneur - Chasing Sunsets1125
Serbia: Petar Aničić - Heartbeat1004

Number of voters: 330

12 countries will take part in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2020, which will be held on November 29 in Poland.

Who do you want to win this year? Vote and share with your friends!

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