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Poll Results: This is your winner of Slovenia’s EMA Freš 2020

Slovenia’s ‘EMA Freš’, which will reveal the last final entries of EMA 2020, will take place today. So, as usual, we are bringing you the results of the ESCplus poll – Check them now!

EMA Freš 2020

Astrid in Avantgarden – Sing To Me258
Parvani Violet – Cupid169
Pia Nina – Tukaj in zdaj163
Younite – The Cure162
Stella – Ne Vem, če Sem U Redu135
Alfirev – črno Bela Lika127
Klarity – Diham123
Saška – še kar lovim tuoj nasmeh123
Lana Hrvatin – Dream122
Marmoris – Moj Pristan68

Number of voters: 23

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