Poll: MESC 2018 – Final (Malta)

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MESC 2018 - Final

MESC 2018 - Final

Eleanor Cassar - Back to Life 739
Brooke Borg - Heart Of Gold 701
Christabelle Borg – Taboo 574
Jasmine Abela – Supernovas 439
Aidan - Dai Laga 407
Deborah C - Turn It Up 406
Richard & Joe Micallef - Song For Dad 356
Miriana Conte – Rocket 354
Danica Muscat - One Step At A Time 346
Petra – Evolution 326
Dwett – Breaking Point 257
Tiziana Calleja - First Time 254
Rhiannon - Beyond Blue Horizons 221
Avenue Sky - We Can Run 215
Lawrence Gray - Love Renegade 194
Matthew Anthony - Call 2morrow 185

Number of voters: 96

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