María Isabel: “I want Spain back to Junior Eurovision, it was a wonderful experience for me” (Spanish finalist – Exclusive Video Interview)

ESC+Plus has had the chance to talk to María Isabel, winner of Junior Eurovision 2004 and participant of the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2016!

The original video interview was made in Spanish, but you can see the translation below:

ESC+Plus: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your time and congratulations on having been selected to take part in the Spanish national selection for Eurovision 2016!

How do you feel a few days before the final?

I am nervous but very excited. I am looking forward to doing my best.

E+: What impelled you to send a proposal to RTVE so as too represent Spain at Eurovision?

I really keep amazing memories from my participation at Junior Eurovision. It was such a great experience that I wanted to try for Eurovision. I know that I can do my best singing a very Spanish song full of positive feelings.

E+: Did you imagine yourself competing at Eurovision right after winning Junior Eurovision?

No, but a few years ago I started thinking about competing at Eurovision and I am a very stubborn person, I always want to reach all my objectives. That’s why I would really like to reach this dream.

E+: How are you preparing your performance for “Objetivo Eurovision”?

I am very busy with rehearsals and promo events. I want everything to be perfect and I am very nervous.

E+: Your latest CD is called “Yo Decido” and it is produced by David Santiesteban. Can you tell us about it?

It’s a very enjoyable CD, it contains ballads to show my vocal range and other songs which are more fresh, positive and invite people to dance and enjoy. It includes electro and Latin sounds. It is being sold very well and people really love it so I am very happy.

E+: Your song for the Spanish final, “La Vida Solo es Una, is included in the CD and there is also a videoclip on YouTube which has reached a million visits. How do you feel about that?

I am really happy because the song was released in October and it was well received. Now, with my participation at the Eurovision final, the plays are being increased everyday. When it was premiered, all people said that “La Vida Solo Es Una” was perfect for Eurovision, that’s why I felt we had to submit it.

E+: What do you think about the chosen jury members for the final?

I think they are amazing artists who are very experienced in the musical panorama.

E+: What have you been doing since you won Junior Eurovision until now?

I have been finishing my studies, training my voice and having dance and interpretation lessons. I have been recently working on my new album, which I released a few months ago before being chosen for “Objetivo Eurovisión”.

E+: What do you remember from your experience at Junior Eurovision?

I was very little and I enjoyed it very much, smiling, dancing… I liked making new friends and doing what I really loved, singing. I didn’t assimilate the price because I was a child, but when I look back to that experience I really wish I could be there again. It was the best experience ever in my life!

E+: You met many friends at Junior Eurovision, but you had a special feeling with the Cypriot one, Marios Tofis. Have you talked to him recently?

Yes, I talked to him a few days ago and he sent me a very supportive message. He is currently very famous in Cyprus and he sings really well.

E+: Do you still have any contacts with your backing dancers and vocalists at Junior Eurovision?

I have good relations with Alba, I talk to her parents frequently; Anabel is my “sister” and one of my best friends and I also talk to Sara and her mother, they are lovely.

E+: What do you think about Junior Eurovisio now? Do you think Spain should be back to the competition?

Of course, Spain always finished high in that competition and the Spanish children would really enjoy doing what they love. When I was little, singing was a game and I really enjoyed being on stage. We must be back!

E+: Last year, Junior Eurovision took place in Bulgaria with Destiny Chukunyere winning the contest. She overtook your record of points. How do you feel about this fact?

Well, I still have the record, it was there for years and all 171 points will be with me the rest if my life. It was really incredible, something which I didn’t appreciate as a child but I am proud of now.

I remember myself that moment seeing many twelve points and hearing my name all time. When they announced me as the winner of Junior Eurovision 2004 I felt over the moon. Then, I performed the winner’s reprise with even more energy and very happy. It is very difficult winning a competition, but my victory at JESC proves that impossible is nothing. Can it happen again?

E+: Which is the most special memory you keep from your experience at Junior Eurovision?

It’s really difficult because I lived amazing moments there, since being having dinner with the other JESC contestants, laughing… everything, walking on the snow, when we were driven in a carriage after winning. I also remeber when we shot the postcard in which we had to drop a car off a cliff.

I am very lucky to have lived that experience, not many people can enjoy such an awesome event and winning it.

E+: What is your favourite song in the history of Eurovision?

I really loved Pastora Soler singing “Quédate Conmigo”. She did an incredible performance at Eurovision.

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?

Regards to all the readers of ESC+Plus, this little fragment of my song is for you. Big Kiss!

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