Laura Tesoro: “My performance will be filled with energy and there will be dancers” (Belgium 2016 – Exclusive Interview)

ESC+Plus has exclusively talked to the Belgian representative Laura Tesoro who will perform the song “What’s the Pressure” in the second semifinal of Eurovision 2016. Check what she has told us below:

ESC+Plus: Hello! First of all, thank you so much for your time. We would like to congratulate you on winning Eurosong 2016 and consequently taking the chance to sing on the 2016 Eurovision stage. 

Thank you very much!

E+: Can you describe the feelings which you experienced as being announced the winner of Eurosong? What does it mean to you to represent Belgium at Eurovision?

It was amazing, of course. I was so happy! I wasn’t sure I would win because the other contestants have amazing voices too, so it was great. It’s an honour to represent Belgium and I want to make my country proud.

E+: Let’s talk about your song and its main message. How is it connected to yourself?

My song What’s the pressure is an uptempo, funky pop song. I love the message of the song: you need to stop and ask yourself “what’s the pressure?” People worry too much about what others think of them. Just be yourself, and stop worrying about the rest. This song is typically me because the song is full of energy, just like I am. And I really like singing funky songs, that make people feel good about themselves.


E+: Tell us a bit about your Eurovision Stage performance. Will it vary from the Eurosong’s one? What changes you are going to make?

Yes, it will be different from the staging in the Belgium preselections. The stage in Stockholm is so much bigger, so the act can be bigger too. I can already tell you that the stage will be filled with energy and there will be dancers with me on stage. But to see the whole picture, you will have to wait a bit longer until May ;).

E+: Have you taken a look at the stage design for this year’s Eurovision? What do you think about it?

No, I haven’t seen it yet. But you make me curious, I have to look it up now!

E+: Have you already got acquainted with other contestants of this year’s competition? Have you got any favorite songs?

I have heard a few songs, but not all of them, because I still want to be surprised by the songs in Stockholm. I want to hear the songs together with the performance on stage there.

E+: Apart from Eurovision, tell us which important achievements you have reached so far in your musical career. How did you start your singing career? What was it like for you to sing in public for the first time?

Well, I grew up with music: both my parents are musical artists. When I was 11 years old, I starred in the musical Annie. I participated in the singing competition The Voice and came in second. I perform with my own live band and have released some of my own songs.  It was great to sing in public: when I was in The Voice, I fully realized that I loved being on that stage and that I wanted to be a singer.

E+: We know that besides being a singer you are also an actress, so tell us about your acting career. When did you start it? What achievements have you reached so far in this sphere?

Yes, that’s right! I already started very young haha: when I was 8, I played a part in a Belgian tv drama series. Then there was the Annie musical when I was 11, and I have also acted in a soap opera.


E+: What do you prefer, acting or singing?

I love both singing and acting. But singing comes first for me.

E+: What hobbies do you have? What do you do when you are not singing or acting?

I am very sporty. In particular, I love dancing.

E+: Do you have any amusing childhood stories that are worthy to tell us?

Hmm. I think something amusing is that my parents really brought me up with music. They were both musical artists so when I was a baby, they took me to the theatre a lot. I often watched them rehearse. I think that’s definitely a reason why I love music and dancing so much haha.

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? Do you have any favorite artists and songs in the history of the competition?

I’m still very young, so I have not been following the Eurovision song contest for a long time. Only the last few years I’ve been following it actively. My favourite song is Euphoria by Loreen. Such a good song and an amazing act!

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and fans of Eurovision?

Hi everyone, thank you for reading! I hope that you will have fun watching the Eurovision song contest, and that you will like my performance. And maybe I will see some of you in Stockholm!

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