Spain: ESDM ”Eurovision is the most beautiful experience, we will always remember”

Yesterday, we had the chance to meet ESDM and get some statements from the Eurovision experience, 3 weeks ago in Malmö. The band looked happy and not worried about the dissapointing result which they got, placing 25th.

”It was a nice experience and we will always keep it in our hearts”, ESDM said.  It seemed to be a honour for their family and friends, who were really excited about watching them in the contest, and also the people who had been following them for such a long time ago.

Pastora Soler, last year’s Spanish hopeful, was sharing some moments with them. Raquel reported that Pastora is always very kind and warm-hearted with them and really wanted to know if they had a great time in Malmö. The answer seems to be clear: it will be a experience to remember and one of most brilliant and beautiful ones in their career.

You can watch our meeting with the band, below:




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