Kamilla Ismailova: “When they told me I would be taking part for San Marino, I started practising for hours and hours” (Interview – San Marino at JESC 2015)

Our next interview is coming from both, San Marino and Russia! Kamilla Ismailova has talked to us about her participation at Junior Eurovision 2015.

Check what she has told us below:

Hello Kamilla! First of all, congratulations on having been selected to represent San Marino at Junior Eurovision 2015!

E+: As far as we know, you sent your song to SMTV as a try to perform in the Junior Eurovision stage. How did you feel when the Sammarinese broadcaster accepted your proposal? Did you expect it?

I would never ever expect to go to the Junior Eurovision, it really surprised me!

E+: You come from the biggest country to represent the smallest one, what does representing San Marino mean for you?

Representing San-Marino means a lot to me, I really like the country and it is something I am really proud of.

E+: As we can read on your biography, you visited San Marino when you were little. How would you describe the country?

San-Marino is a really unforgettable place. Probably one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to. It is one of those countries where you can actually enjoy yourself and feel comfortable.

E+: Your country, Russia, is also taking part in the competition. Did you submit any song for the national selection? Would you represent Russia in the future?

I didn’t submit any song to the Russian national selection. I don’t know if I will represent Russia in the future, it all depends on many things, I guess.

E+: Tell us what your song is about. What is the thing you like the most of “Mirror”? How was the composition procedure?

I feel like my song is about not being scared of one’s weaknesses and about yourself. Overcoming your fears makes you stronger.

E+: How have your preparations been going since you were selected to represent San Marino in Sofia? Have you travelled to San Marino?

Since they told me I would have taken part for San Marino, I started practising for hours and hours every single day. It’s hard sometimes but we are almost there.

E+: Do you speak Italian? How did you practice the pronunciation for the new lyrics?

I do not speak Italian so that is why my pronunciation has a long way to go but I make great efforts every single day.

E+: Your song was presented through an official video. Can you tell us any funny anecdote of the shooting? Where did you record the clip, in Russia or in San Marino?

We shot the music video in a studio and it was really cold. I was wearing a strapless dress with jeans and uggs under it.

E+: What do you expect from the upcoming experience at Junior Eurovision? What do you think it will mean for your musical career?

I want to enjoy the experience. Taking part was already over my expectations.

E+: Have you taken a look at the stage design for this year’s Junior Eurovision? What do you think about it?

I actually have no clue about the stage design.

E+: Do you usually watch the senior Eurovision? If you had to choose a singer to represent San Marino, what would be your choice? How about Russia?

I do not really watch senior Eurovision but when I do I spend hours in front of the TV.

E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favorite music style, favorite school subject, hobbies, musical career….

My favorite music style, you would be surprised, is dub-step. My favorite school subject is art. I collect socks and cute erasers. I also really enjoy horse riding.

E+: You are also TV host. Tell us more about your experience on television, what is the think you most like of hosting on TV?

If you film on a green screen you are not allowed to wear anything green. If there is a tiny bit of green in your outfit you are asked to change your dress. That happened to me a few weeks ago.

E+: Have you listen to the other candidate songs for Junior Eurovision 2015? What do you think about the Russian entry “Dream”, performed by Misha Smirnov?

I think Misha’s song is actually pretty awesome. Now, why does Russia always do so good?!

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Junior Eurovision fans?

Never pay attention to problems. They will go away!

Thank you very much for your time and see you in Sofia!

11-year-old little Russian singer Kamilla Ismailova was internally selected to represent San Marino with the song “Mirror”:




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