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Interview: Tijana (FYR Macedonia 2014) speaks to ESC+Plus! (EXCLUSIVE)

A few days ago the second Eurovision 2014 participant was announced, Tijana Dapcevic has been selected by MRT to represent (FYR) Macedonia in Copenhague and here is one of her first web-interviews!

Let’s meet Tijana a bit more before the contest….!

Hello Tijana!
First of all, many thanks for giving us the opportunity to interview you as one of the first Eurovision 2014 known entrants until the date.

Esc+Plus: How did you receive the proposal to represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision 2014? What were your first feelings?
Tijana: Macedonian radio television (MRT) is in charge of choosing Macedonian representative for ESC, so they have selected me. I was very excited and am honoured to be able to represent my country in the biggest music competition in Europe. I can’t wait!

E+: Are you Eurovision fan? Do you have any favourite artist in the competition?
T: Yes, I am a Eurovision fan and favorite artist is Tamara, of course :).

E+: Has your sister Tamara told about Eurovision? Has she given you any advice?
T: Tamara represented Macedonia in 2008. when ESC was hosted in Serbia, so we were close. She is very happy about this and I have her support just like she has mine in everything she does. She is the best sister, ever :).

E+: What kind of music would you send to the contest? Have you thought about the language? Are you going to sing in English or Macedonian?
T: No, we haven’t decided yet what kind of music it would be. We will see. We have quite enough time to choose the best option and make it perfect.

E+: Will you compose the song by yourself or will you have any help of international compositors and producers?
T: I will probably do it with the help of some people that I’ve already collaborated with but like I’ve said – we will see.

E+: Have you ever travelled to Copenhaguen?What do you think about It?Do you like DR’s (Danish Broadcaster) plans for Eurovision?
T: No, I’ve never been in Denmark before, so I’m really looking forward to it, there will be a lot of fun, for sure!

E+: Could you tell us about your musical career?
T: My first album was released in 2001. So far, there are four more of them and a couple of singles after the release of the last one (it was in 2010.). In a couple of weeks, a new single will be released and I hope you’ll like it.

E+: Do you play any instrument?
T: Actually, I have a degree in cello. I’ve graduated at the Music Academy of Skopje. I play cello since the age of seven and have participated in many competitions when I was younger. So far, I have never worked as a teacher of cello but maybe I will some day… it would be great.

E+: What do you do in your free time?
T: I always spend it with my family and friends.. if it’s possible, we go somewhere out of town, have some barbecue and enjoy…

E+: Could you send a message for our readers and Eurovision fans?
T: I would like to wish you all the best – keep up the good work. I’m sending many kisses to all readers and all the Eurovision fans out there! I can’t wait to see you all in Denmark!

E+: Thank you so much! We are looking forward to listen to your song and see you in Copenhaguen!

T: You are welcome, it was a pleasure. Many kisses! See you!


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