Gunesh: “My strongest points are my professionalism and persistence” (Belarusian finalist – Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked with Gunesh, one of the fifteen participants at Belarusian national final for Eurovision 2015. The singer will perform “I believe in a miracle” on 26th December. You can see the interview below:

ESC+Plus: Hi Gunesh! Firstly, congratulations on having qualified for the Belarusian final. How did you feel when you were told you were one of the fifteen finalists?

Thank you  for the congratulations! I have thought a lot whether I should take part in the preselection again, because this is my sixth attempt.

When I saw my name among the 15 finalists, I was very happy because of all the six attempts, it is the sixth time I reached the final.

For me, as for a professional singer, the most important thing is stability.

E+: As you have told us before, this is your sixth participation at Belarusian selection. How do you face this new Eurovision attempt?

My career began with the participation in foreign vocal competitions.

My musical mentor Fedor Zhilyak, when  first heard my voice, predicted me the brilliant vocal career. He worked with me a lot, preparing me for the vocal competitions the same way as the athletes for the Olympic Games are prepared.He taught me to never give up and always achieve goals, taught me to win. I am happy that I always won

I don’t know what motivates me. Perhaps my character, or simply I love my profession.

E+: What have these past experiences contributed to your professional career?

In 2015 I will celebrate the anniversary of my artistic career, 10 years on the professional stage.Definitely Eurovision in my career played a big role.

My first participation in the national selection took place in 2004, with the song “Call my name”. Three days before the deadline for the submission of applications, I took the risk and sent my song.Unexpectedly for me, for the singer with a small stage experience, I found myself among the finalists. It was very excited. After that participation in the selection my popularity went up and I was invited to various concerts and tv-shows. Participation in the selection became a jump start in my career.

Since that time I have become a fan of this song contest and started preparing myself for the qualifying rounds more seriously. It’s excellent  that we have such a competition, it’s a great chance for young singers to express themselves and show their talent and songs to the whole country.

E+: Why did you decide taking part at Belarusian selection for Eurovision one more time?

It was my husband’s idea. When in 2013 I took part in the Turkvision song contest in Turkey, he was astonished by how serious my attitude to the preparation was and how persistently I went to my purpose. He was deeply impressed by the fact that in such a difficult atmosphere and an intense competitive fight I and our team were able to realize all our plans at the best level representing our country and to take a high place in the final. After that, he literally persuaded me to participate in the national selection one more time.

E+: This time, you’ll sing “I believe in a miracle”. What is your song about? What is the story behind the lyrics?

My song is about me! The biggest dream of my life has come true, I have met my second half and my true love. In June 20, 2014 we had our wedding in the beautiful city Istanbul, where my husband was born and grew up. I dedicate this song to my beloved, and I really want to talk about my happiness and share it with others. I’m sure that if you dream about something good and kind in your life there will certainly be a place for miracles.

E+: During the the semi-final’s audition, you sang with backing singers and a saxophonist. Will you bring a different stage performance at final? Can you give us any hint?

In my performance there won’t be profound changes. We will add some special effects. The most important thing for me is to sing a song emotionally and bring it to the listener. I do not know by what criteria the judges will make their choice, but in my performance I will count on the vocals.

E+: What are your main strengths so as to get the support of juries and televote?

I am sure that this time I can convince the jury and the audience will like my performance. The strongest side is my professionalism and, of course, my persistence on the way to the victory. There are good reasons why according to the eastern horoscope I was born in the Year of the Goat! By the way, 2015, is the year of this particular animal, so this is my year!))

E+: In 2013 you were the first Belarusian representative at Turkvizyon. How did you experience this?

My participation in the Turkvision song contest was a very exciting experience. According to the conditions, all participants were asked to perform a song in one of the Turkic languages, written specially for the competition. I fluently speak the Turkish language and at Turkvision presented my own song – Son hatıralar (The last memories). Turkish audience appreciated the song and the show which we had prepared specially  for the contest. Participation in Turkvision gave me new acquaintances in the music industry and positive emotions.

E+: Do you have a favorite song among the other Belarusian candidates?

I have known many of the finalists for a long time. Some of them participated in my previous Eurofest performances as backing vocalists. I can’t distinguish somebody or other because this year there have been many good songs, even of those participants who did not make it to the final. I’m sure it was a difficult task for the jury to make their choice. All the songs are so interesting and varied that each of the 15 finalists deserves to be the winner. I sincerely wish good luck to all of them!

E+: Finally, would you like to send a message for our readers?

My congratulations to all the readers on the coming holidays – Christmas and New Year! May all your dreams come true! In 2015, continue to dream and believe in miracles!

You can follow Gunesh on her Official Website, Official Page on Facebook and Official Channel on YouTube.

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