George Michaelides: “Singing and dancing is my natural way to express myself” (Interview – Cyprus at JESC 2016)

ESC+Plus has had the chance to talk to the Cypriot representative for this year’s Junior Eurovision 2016 George Michaelides. The young performer will sing and dance the song “Dance Floor”.

Check what he has told us below:

ESC+Plus: Hello George! First of all, congratulations on having been selected to represent Cyprus at Junior Eurovision 2016! Thank you so much!!

How did you feel when you were told you had been selected to represent Cyprus in Malta? Did you expect it?

It was such a surreal moment. I didn’t really expect it, but its such an incredible honour. I feel so proud to represent my country and my generation.

E+: Last year, Cyprus withdrew from Junior Eurovision when you became the winner of “The Musical Kids”. Did you intend to participate at the competition in 2015?

No, I didn’t. It was earlier this year after performing in a Musical Theatre show called Amanda the Musical that someone suggested that if Cyprus was to participate this year, I should apply. So, as soon as we heard that it would be an open contest, we submitted our application .

E+: Tell us what your song is about. What is the thing you like the most of “Dance Floor”? Did you take part in the composition?

I worked together with Andreas the composer of the lyrics. The song is really about my love and passion for dancing, how it makes me feel alive. I think anyone who loves music and dancing can relate to it when you hear a beat or a melody that moves you, it just makes you feel so good. It’s uplifting.

E+: Will you revamp the song for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest or you will keep the original version?

No, it will stay in its original version.

E+: Your song was presented through an official clip. How was the shooting of the music video?  Were there any funny anecdotes during the making-off?

It was all quite quick as it was only a couple of days after I had been selected, so I was still in a bit of a daze and I hadn’t really had time to process everything. It’s been like a roller coaster !

E+: Have you already decided about how your stage performance will look like? Will you be alone on stage? Can you reveal us anything?

My staging has been set now. I don’t really want to give anything away but, of course, you can expect dancing!!

E+: What do you expect from the upcoming experience at Junior Eurovision? What do you think it will mean for your musical-dancing career?

Performing is the path that I will take as a career, so I personally look at this experience as a huge blessing, but also a massive learning experience.

E+: If you had to choose a Cypriot artist or band to send to the senior Eurovision, what would be your choice?

I have to say of course my friend Sophia Patsalides as she is a great vocalist and talented musician/songwriter.

E+: Tell us more about yourself, your favourite music style, favourite school subject, hobbies, musical career…. Do you play any instruments? 

Yes, I play the drums, well learning to play! I love all sports, athletics and Judo, I currently hold a blue belt grading. Favorite subjects at school are PE and Psychology .

E+: Apart from singing, you also love dancing. What’s the ability you prefer training from both of them?

I have been dancing longer, so I’m naturally seen as a strong dancer. I have been singing for about a year and a half now, and I really enjoy it. I am training to be an all-rounder, which is what a performer should be.

E+: What’s the thing you enjoy the most of singing and dancing? How much time do you take to practice each one?

Singing and dancing is my natural way to express myself. Now, I am also rehearsing both but for Junior Eurovision. In the normal weekly timetable, both my sister and I are in the performing arts school my mother owns in Cyprus, 6 days a week after school and on Saturday taking various classes, so I could say it’s part of my everyday life.

E+: As a young dancer, would you like to take part in the Eurovision Young Dancers contest in the future? (Eurovision Young Dancers is a competition for dancers aged 16-21 organized by the EBU)

I’ve never heard of the Eurovision Young Dancers Contest. It sound exciting but, as I ‘m 13 I’ve got a few years left to apply

E+: What do you feel while singing on stage? Do you have any lucky charm you carry during your performances?

In the backstage I feel nervous, which I think is normal, but once I step on the stage the fear just disappears. I have a lucky charm my grandmother gave me. I don’t usually take anything on stage, but now you mention it, maybe I will have it on me for my Eurovision performance!

E+: Can you send a message for our readers and Junior Eurovision fans?

Thank you to those that have sent me messages of support, I’m really excited about participating in the contest. I’m sure it will be a wonderful show and I hope you’ll enjoy my performance.

E+: Thank you very much for your time and see you in Malta!

Thank you, see you soon! George =).

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