Emanuel (Timebelle): “We have lot of possibilities and there are many people supporting us” (Swiss finalists – Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to the saxophonist of the band Timebelle, Emanuel Andriescu. His band is one of the nine lucky acts selected by SRF for the Expert Check phase of the Swiss selection (Sunday 7).

ESC+Plus: Hello Emanuel! Firstly, how did you feel when you were told you had qualified for the next round?

We were very happy because it was so beautiful to see that our job had a result. We hope to reach the final and not only being between the nine selected by SRF.

E+: What are your feelings now before the Expert Check phase to take place next Sunday?

We’re feeling a bit excited for the casting. We’re trying to have a good preparation and give our best, so the juries will like our performance and we are sure that Miruna will sing very well. We want to do a very good choreography so the juries will be happy with us.

E+: Why did you decide entering the Swiss selection for Eurovision 2015?

We had a very good song and Eurovision was always in our mind. So we decided to try it this year and see the results. It has gone very well until now.

E+: Can you tell us a bit about your performance?

Our show will be very energetic, with a lot of movements. A love story that is finishing of an interesting way.  I prefer to wait to reach the final and that the people see it there.

E+: There is already much time until the national final but if you won the ticket to the show, how do you want your performance looks like? Would you keep the same staging you used during the auditions’ phase?

We would do the same choreography but it would be better and with some new elements. If the show works you don’t have to change it.

E+: Can you describe the musical elements we can listen during your song “Singing about love”?

This song has been composed by Mihai Alexandru especially for Miruna and her voice. It’s a very special song which mixes saxophone and accordion; very traditional instruments, with rock effects that it sends a positive emotion.

E+: What is your song about? What is the story behind the lyrics?

It’s about the emotions that you have when you’re in love and you’re singing because of this.



E+: Can you tell us about the history of the band, musical evolution and career, important achievements …?

Our band is composed by six musicians. A bass player called Sandor is a professional musician like others five members. All of us have studied in the University School of Berne with our instrument and we have finished a master too. I used to play clarinet instead of sax.

We had much success in classic music and two years after we began to play Balkan music with rock influences. After then we decided to do more important things to reach some important festivals. In Switzerland we have some of them but they are not in the same level than the most important festival.

Miruna had much success in Romania with solo projects and we wanted to do something with her. It was perfect to found her and do this project together.

E+: What can this competition contribute to your musical career?

We have a lot of opportunities and there are many people interested in us. We have started appearing on radio stations, newspapers… It’s very good. It’s a way to do all that we want to do.

E+: Do you have any favourite song among the other candidates? What do you think it is the strongest act and main opponent in the competition?

All the songs are very good, so I can’t decide. I really like our song and we will do our best. Others participants are not a rivals for us, otherwise they are other bands with a good project. It will be very difficult for the juries to decide the best of us.

E+: What are your main strengths so as to get the juries’ support and qualify for the next stage?

Our strengths are Miruna’s voice, a very good appearance of the band and our style on stage. I think that we have some strengths to convince the jury.

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? Do you have any favourite song in the history of the competition?

Yes. I really liked Alexander Rybak’s song from Norway that got the victory in 2009.

E+: Finally, would you like to send a message for our readers?



You can follow Timebelle on their Official Facebook Page.

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