Bracelet: “We hope to get people up on their feet and dancing” (Danish finalist – Exclusive Interview)

Just a few hours before the start of the Danish national selection for Eurovision 2016, ESC+Plus had the chance to talk to Bracelet, one of the finalists. The band will perform “Breakaway”, written by the band members themselves along with Jimmy Jansson.

ESC+Plus: Hi! Congratulations on being among the 10 finalists of Melodi Grand Prix 2016? Are you ready for the show?

Absolutely! We’ve been working really hard on this number for a long time. It has ended up becoming pretty much how we wanted it to be. The stage is amazing, and we like the stage lighting.

E+: What should people expect from your performance?

Lots of energy! Lots of energy! And even more energy! We hope to get people up on their feet and dancing. We hope that people can relate to the lyrics and will feel empowered when they hear the song. The message is basically that anything is possible.

E+: Two of you, Charlie and Felix, have Eurovision in your blood. Your parents, Nanne and Peter Grönvall, are Melodifestivalen veterans, and your grandfather, Benny Andersson, won Eurovision with ABBA. Do you feel any pressure to do as well as they have?

Well, music in general and Eurovision in particular have always been big parts of our lives and our family has always supported us. So we’re just hyped to be here. It feels sort of unreal. There’s nothing like Eurovision, Melodifestivalen and Melodi Grand Prix. We’ve always loved it, so it’s very special for us to be here.

E+: Besides Melodi Grand Prix, what are your plans for this year?

Actually, we’re going to Korea shortly after Melodi Grand Prix to record with a Korean artist. So we’re definitely going to release more music and hopefully tour both Denmark and Sweden.

E+: What would it mean for you to represent Denmark in Eurovision?

It would be amazing! But even making it to the top 3 tonight would be great. So remember to vote for us if you live in Denmark!

E+: Thank you for your time and good luck!

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