Anita & Michele: “Valentina Monetta is going to support us in Vienna” (San Marino 2015 – Exclusive Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to the young Sammarinese-Italian duo formed by Anita & Michele. These two Junior Eurovision former participants will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna!

Check out what they have told us below:

Hello guys, from the whole team of, we feel so please to have arranged this interview with you.

Congratulations on getting this year’s ticket to represent San Marino in Vienna after 3 years in a row with Valentina Monetta!

ESC+Plus: Firstly, before talking about what you experienced in Junior Eurovision and what you expect from the contest, tell us a little bit who Anita and Michele are. How did you start your music career?

Anita: First of all, thank you very much, it’s a honour for us and we hope to be at least as good as Valentina in this unbelievable adventure. Well, I have to say that I am a very simple girl. I was born on April, 14th 1999 in San Marino and I live in Montegiardino, the smallest municipality of San Marino. I’m attending the second year of high school with linguistic specialization in the capital of the Republic, studying English, French and German.

Music has always played a key role in my life and I’ve always enjoyed singing in my spare time, especially doing homework or in the bathtub; I just loved to turn on the radio and sing along with my favourite artists.

I’ve started singing more professionally at the age of 7 years old in the context of the children choir organized by Fausto Giacomini, teacher at San Marino’s music institute “Istituto Musicale Sammarinese”. Since 2014, I’ve been attending singing lessons to improve my skills with my mentor Linda Hermes and Augusto Ciavatta at the “Voice Academy” in San Marino. Then one of my dreams suddenly came true, finding myself singing in front of the amazing audience of Malta during the JESC2014 with my friends The Peppermints.

Michele: The Junior Eurovision Song contest was one of my best things I have ever done in my life…A year before 2012 I won the TV show on Rai “Ti lascio una canzone”. I mean it is like a dream that I can now represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2015 together with Anita.


E+: How did you make such an amazing evolution? Can you compare the experience at Junior Eurovision and the process through what representing your country in the adult version means?

A: The JESC was a unique experience I will never forget! It changed me, made me grow up as an artist and as a person, allowing me to learn a lot of things. For me, representing my country also in the “grown up” version it’s an honour and a huge responsibility at the same time, but a wonderful occasion as well. I’ll try to enjoy it and to learn all I can from it.

M: The Junior Eurovision is such a big thing if you 14 years old …. It is hard for me to imagine to be in the adult one …. It still feels like a dream… I am sure I wake up when I arrive in Vienna and be on the stage the first time 🙂

E+: You were announced as Sammarinese representatives a few months ago, right after the Junior contest in Malta where Anita took part as a member of the girl band ‘The Peppermints’. Michele also waved the same flag in Kiev the previous year. What could you tell us from both experiences?

A: Singing with The Peppermints in Malta allowed me to live a wonderful experience and to perform in front of a serious audience, thing I never did before. Doing all that with 4 friends was perfect, because I felt less nervous and everything was simpler. Some say “union is strength”!

M: Big events will always guide you through your career …. You learn from every performance and you grow with them …. Eurovision is a part of my life already … 2013 Junior 2014 I was the spokesperson for San Marino in Copenhagen during the voting and I supported The Peppermints in Malta because my sister is also part of the group and now I represent San Marino in the big one.

E+: What was the first thing that came to your mind when you received the proposal to represent San Marino together?

A: I thought “It can’t be real! I will meet Conchita!”.

M: All I can say that I was very very happy … It is hard to describe some feelings in life.

E+: How were you approached and get you entry ‘Chain Of Lights’? What’s the message you want to tell the audience while singing your song?

A: “Chain of lights” is a message of peace and awakening of consciousness. With this song we would like to tell people that we can change the world in something better if we want to, because together everything turns possible! Hope’s light is always on but it needs to be powered.

M: San Marino RTV played us a view songs but with CHAIN OF LIGHTS I got connected straight away.. Our message is that we want to create a chain of lights for a peaceful world.

E+: Who is going to be involved in your performance and who’s the team of songwriters, producers behind your entry?

A: Ralph Siegel, as you know, is the author of the music and producer of Chain of Lights, Bernd Meinunger (also known as John O’Flynn) is the lyricist and Antonello Carozza is again, after JESC 2014, the art director.

M: Ralph Siegel is the composer and producer of the song. He is amazing. Working with him is wonderful . I learned so much during the production and I am very thankful to have this experience.

E+: How long are you dedicating to prepare yourselves for your performance in Vienna? What’s going to look like?

A: Rehearsal is not over yet and they will go on until the day of the exhibition, to be sure that everything will work perfectly. Michele and I try to see each other really often, even if we live in two different places quite far one another, but when we can’t we practice at home.

M: We worked a lot over the past month…. It will be a surprise for everybody :).

E+: What are your expectations from the contest? What do the Eurovision fans mean for you now?

A: I hope to meet the incredible artists from other countries, to make some new friends, to work with professionals, to learn a thousand new things. Eurovision fans are crucial to me, I hope they’ll fall in love with “Chain of lights” and help my dream come true.

M: I wanna rock Vienna 🙂 I expect from myself to be professional and perform well. I am looking forward to meet new people and have a lot of fun in Vienna… I met some Eurovision fans already .. They very cool and always gave me support…..

E+: How are you going to make the audience in San Marino proud and convince the European fans San Marino is really worth this year?

A: I’ll be simply myself and I hope it will be enough.

M: That I will give my up-most during the time in Vienna. If you listen to our song you will understand that we need a peaceful world ….. Just listen to your heart.


E+: Had you been following the Eurovision Song Contest in the past? What can you tell us about the Sammarinese entries? What about your overall favourite song from the history of Eurovision?

A: I’m really young and remember directly just a few of ESC editions. Certainly, it’s impossible to ignore or forget an entry like the one of Céline Dion in 1988, “Ne partez pas sans moi”. Then, Valentina Monetta’s “Maybe” was for us all a great success and it made San Marino reach the final for the first time, so it’s unforgettable.

M: I am Italian and everyone in Italy knows VOOOOLAAAAREEEE ohhhh ohhhh ….

E+: What do you think about the English language rule at Eurovision? We know now that you will be singing your entry in English, did you think about singing in Italian? Will you record an Italian version?

A: It’s really nice that every country is able to express freely and sing their song even in an artificial language like it happened in the past. The importance of our message made us prefer English language because it’s understood by everyone. Of course, I would be more than happy to have the chance to sing in Italian and record a version of “Chain of light” in my own language.

M: Our message CHAIN OF LIGHTS work in English better than in Italian …. You never know …. maybe…..

E+: Valentina Monetta represented San Marino the last three years, did you manage to meet her or receive any advice? If yes, what did she tell you?

A: Valentina suggested me to train and sing a lot before the competition, so that I can get to Vienna ready and self-confident! She’s an amazing artist! I recently unveiled my official page on Facebook with her best wishes for me. She’s going to be with us during the ESC as spoke person for San Marino in the final on the 23rd of May.

M: I will meet her in Vienna in May and I am sure we will talk about her last 3 years in Eurovision … What she achieved is just amazing.

E+: Last but not least, if you had the chance to pick an Italian or Sammarinese singer for the Eurovision Song Contest, who would it be?

A: I think I would choose myself again… Just kidding of course! I would choose my beautiful and talented partners: The Peppermints!

M: oh that’s a hard one …….Yes I go for the Peppermints too 🙂

E+: Finally, could you dedicate any words to the readers on They do really love and support you!

A: Thanks for your attention and love guys, I will always remember your support! See you in Vienna. Love you, bye!

M: Thanks a lot for your support guys .. I hope I see you all in Vienna …… and create a chain of lights for a peaceful world!

Anita and Michele have sent us an exclusive video message, watch below:



Michele and Anita will perform the song “Chain of Lights”, composed by Ralph Siegel and written by  John O’Flynn, in the second semi-final set on May 21.



Questions: Adrián Valiente



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