ESC+Plus You: Latvian poll results!

This evening, the First Heat of the Latvian national selection for Eurovision 2016 Supernova will be held.

A few days ago, ESC+Plus launched a survey on our official voting website to let our readers cast their votes and know about the fans’ opinion regarding the entries and the best choices to represent Latvia in Stockholm.

The results look as it follows:

We want to say thanks to the 25 followers who cast their votes on our poll and may the best songs qualify tonight! You can follow the show by checking the streaming link in our Events section.

About Javi Martínez

Javi Martínez

Eurofan desde Tallin 2002, año en el que la magia de Rosa conquistó España. Con muchas ganas de asistir a mi primer festival en directo. Eurovisión y Eurovisión Junior forman parte de mi vida. ¡Camino a Kiev!


  1. Oh! ”HEARTBEAT” even won with big margin from the 2nd! Rally surprised for that! It is from my least liked songs though.I just gave it only 3 points on the PLUS+ poll.(My 8th liked of the 10 songs)

    I hope that my favorite songs *LOVE IS FOREVER*, *WE ARE THE LIGHT* & *MIRACLE DRUMS* will qualify to the final.

  2. Here is my own ranking for the SF of SuperNova

    1st) *THE LOVE IS FOREVER* ~~ 2nd on the poll
    2nd) *WE ARE THE LIGHT* ~~ 4th on the poll
    3rd) *MIRACLE DRUMS* ~~ 3rd on the poll
    4th) *BEING A FRIEND* ~~ 10th on the poll
    5th) *CHOICES* ~~ 5th on the poll
    6th) *MY INSPIRATION* ~~ 8th on the poll
    7th) *LOOK IN THE MIRROR* ~~ 9th in the poll
    8th) *HEARTBEAT* ~~ 1st(!!) on the poll
    9th) *DAMNATION* ~~ 7th on the poll
    10th) *NEW DAY* ~~ 6th on the poll

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