ESC+Plus You: Hungarian poll results!

This evening, the Third Heat of the Hungarian national selection for Eurovision 2016 A Dal will be held.

A few days ago, ESC+Plus launched a survey on our official voting website to let our readers cast their votes and know about the fans’ opinion regarding the entries and the best choices to represent Hungary in Stockholm.

The results look as it follows:

We want to say thanks to the 12 followers who cast their votes on our poll and may the best songs qualify tonight! You can follow the show by checking the streaming link in our Events section.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MarioVision

    February 6, 2016 at 7:26 pm

    I agree FULLY with the 6 qualifiers!
    Here is my rank 🙂

    1) *IT IS LOVE* – Agárdi Szilvia ~ 4,5/10
    Fine cute ballad.

    2) *COME ALONG* – Júlia Horányi ~ 4,5/10
    Descent song! I kinda like it.

    3) *KATONAK* – Viki Singh ~ 4/10
    Nice ballad.

    4) *TROUBLE IN MY MIND* – Petruska ~ 3/10
    Ok interesting song.

    5) *EMLEKKEP* – Nika ~ 2,5/10
    Fine song.

    6) *SEVEN SEAS* – Olivér Berkes & Andi Tóth ~ 2,5/10
    Ok song.

    ** QUALIFIERS **

    7) *YOU TOLD ME YOU LOVED ME* – B The First ~ 2,5/10
    Ok song.

    8) *SPEED BUMP* – Gájer Bálint ~ 2,5/10
    Ok song.

    9) *LOVE KILLS ME* – Iv ~ 2/10
    Ok song.(Way much inferior than her last year’s amazing song *Fire*)

    10) MÁR NEM SZÉDÜLÖK* – Parno Graszt ~ 1/10
    Not bad song but i didn’t like it.

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