ESC+Plus You: Georgian Song Selection poll results!

This evening, the song selection of the georgian representatives Young Georgian Lolitaz will be held.

A few days ago, ESC+Plus launched a survey on our official voting website to let our readers cast their votes and know about the fans’ opinion regarding the entries and the best choices to represent Georgia in Stockholm.

The results look as it follows:

Georgia 2016

Video Midnight Gold 215
Video Weagree 208
Video Sugar and milk 195
Video Pain in my heart 188
Video Right of wrong 183

Number of voters: 23

We want to say thanks to the followers who cast their votes on our poll and may the best song win tonight! You can follow the show by checking the streaming link in our Events section.

About Miguel Pons

Miguel Pons

Seguidor desde pequeño del festival, pero no fue hasta que Sergio Dalma nos represento en Italia cuando me entro verdaderamente la vena eurofan, creador de la web y ahora redactor en ESC+Plus España.

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