Efi Gjika wins Junior Fest 2018 in Albania

Efi Gjika has just won Junior Fest 2018 and will represent Albania at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She will perform the song ‘Barby’, composed by herself and Hristina Gjika, on November 25 in Minsk.

Earlier this year, the Albanian broadcaster launched a call for singers and songs for their music competition ‘Junior Fest’. When the submission period finished, more than 40 applications were assessed by an expert panel, which selected the 16 candidates that performed at the national final:

  1. “Melodi pranverore” (Spring melody) – Hera Hysi (Music: Diana Ziu/Lyrics: Mimoza Bici)
  2. “Mbremje feste (Night Party) – Emmi Rushiti (Music: A. Kaloshi /Lyrics: Irma Kurti)
  3. “Sot” (Today) – Kristiana Veshaj (Music & lyrics: Vasil Cuni)
  4. “Barby” -Efi Gjika (Music: Efi Gjika/Lyrics: Hristina Gjika)
  5. “Happy”- Jasmina Hako (Music & lyrics: Adrian Hila)
  6. “Me tinguj fantazi” (With fantasy melody) – Sindi Goga (Music & lyrics: Arber Kocllari)
  7. Çdo gjë do dashuri” (Everything needs love) – Iris Sula & Samanta Qoshku (Music Edmond Rrapi/Lyrics: Leidi Shqiponja)
  8. “Panorama” – Era Rakipllari (Music: Endrit Fusha/Lyrics: Mishela Rapo)
  9. “Bote e re” (New world) – Merlin Xhai (Music: Endrit Shani/Lyrics: Florican Zyko)
  10. “Eshtë koha” (It’s time) – Laura Boriçi (Music & lyrics: Armand Broshka)
  11. “Ylberi im” (My rainbow) – Iris Dollani (Music & lyrics: Enis Mullai)
  12. “Ylim” (My star) – Sajana Kodheli (Music: Gjergj Kaçinari Lyrics: Ana Kaçinari)
  13. “Prindër ju lutem” (Parent, please) – Ana Kodra (Music & lyrics: Eriona Rushiti)
  14. “Enderroj” (I dream) – Melodian Mancala (Music: Uendi Mancaku/Lyrics: Etmond Mancala)
  15. “Ditari” (Diary) – Speranca Bregasi (Music & lyrics: Alban Male)
  16. “Olellin dhe yjet i dua” (The sky and stars love) – Uendi Goga (Music: Jetmir Mehmeti/Lyrics: Suela Tuka)

As in previous editions, a professional jury panel selected the winner of Junior Fest after watching all the live performances.

The show will be broadcast on-delay on RTSH at a later date.

What do you think about the Albanian choice? Let us know in comments!

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1 Comment

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    September 25, 2018 at 20:46

    Nah. I was expecting Merlin Xhai to win.

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