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Thanks for visiting ESC+Plus! As a team we’re always looking to keep you entertained and updated with the latest news and in-depth coverage from the world of Eurovision. The contest that started back in 1956 (!!!) has become near and dear to so many people in Europe and beyond, featuring hundreds of talented individuals across the continent and the world. Eurovision has also changed so much since it began, which is a testament to its unique attractiveness to said talent and viewers. As music changes, the contest changes. As the world changes, the contest changes. It’s a microcosm experiment with glitter, pop songs, politics, and drag queens…sometimes. Each year a batch of new contestants sing their hearts out for us, and then return back to their home countries, but what happens after Eurovision? How does it affect their lives? Outlooks? Would they return? How do they see the contest now versus when they participated?

All of that is why I’m starting this new feature on ESC+Plus called Catching Up With… Each time we’re going to have a nice long chat with someone from the Eurovision world and look into all these questions as well as serving up a fresh helping of what is happening with them. We’ll look into their world and insight to study the contest itself.

The ESC+Plus Team and I hope you’ll enjoy this new feature. If there is a particular singer you’re looking forward to hearing from, please let us know in the comments.

Our first interview has already taken place and we’re very excited. “We can’t tell you anything yet” a familiar phrase at this point in time. What we can tell you is he’s a great talent, has more than one connection to this year’s contest, and has a lot of great things going on. Can you guess who we’re talking about?

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Join us as start Catching Up With…

About Derrick Schiff (USA)

Derrick Schiff (USA)

One of those rare creatures, the American Eurovision fans, I found the Eurovision pool and dived in head first. More knowledgeable about the current years, I’m excited to watch as Eurovision evolves into the credible launching platform for the finest pop acts in Europe and the World.

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