Bojana Stamenov: “My song can give you all sort of superpowers, it can make you fly…” (Serbian finalist – Interview)

ESC+Plus has talked to Bojana Stamenov, one of the three finalists of the Serbian selection for Eurovision 2015 “Beosong”. Bojana will sing “Ceo svet je moj” at this weekend’s competition.

ESC+Plus: Hello Bojana! Can you tell us about you, your musical evolution and important achievements?  

Well ever since I was a little girl I loved to sing, and me and my sisters  had a show almost every night for our family after dinner. We use to make dresses out of our grandma’s scarves, played a tape of Lepa Brena and dance…What can I say I love music, I feel good when I sing…If you are interested in my education…I finished classical guitar, renaissance lute, and renaissance singing in Belgrade, while schooling I used to play blues with my older sister. We had gigs, and participated in a few blues festivals in our region.

E+: Why did you decide to take part in the Serbian national final this year? 

One day in September 2014, Vladimir Graic, who composed our winning song MOLITVA ,called me and asked  would I consider taking part in our national election to represent Serbia in Vienna Eurovision Contest 2015.I said YES, without thinking…ESC is something that me and my sisters loved to watch as little girls…Just the idea that I could be on that stage is…amazing…dream come true.

E+: What it would mean for you to represent Serbia in Eurovision? 

As I already said, first of all a dream come true and a big responsibility and sense of pride to be selected by your own county to present it. ESC is the only music festival on the planet that connects that many different cultures and countries. And I guess it’s a lot of fun!

E+: Your song is called “Ceo svet je moj”. Can you tell us about the song and the story behind the lyrics? How was your collaboration with the composer, Vladimir Graic? 

CEO SVET JE MOJ means The whole world is mine, and it tells a story about love, and how liberating it is to let someone special love you ,no matter what your “faults” are .It can give you all sort of superpowers…like ,it can make you fly…I really sang it from the heart, I really meant it…hope you’ll like it! Cooperation with Vladimir Graic-Graya is very honest. He is the kind of man, composer and producer that really makes you give your best with such ease. I’m looking forward to some future collaboration.

E+: How are you preparing your stage performance? Can you reveal us anything about it? 

I can only say that this song will be followed by a Symbol of Love and it will be presented like a battle for Love. On February 15th, this Sunday, all three contestants shall present their designated compositions, therefore you’re invited to stay tuned and see all the surprises we’ve prepared.

E+: What are your main strengths so as to get the people support to reach Eurovision? 

As for the Eurovision, it’s a bit too soon to tell, but all the performances are worthy of the Euro stage so we cannot fail. Goal is to repeat the success of the “Molitva”. I hope you remember how “Molitva” was strong.

E+: If you win the Serbian competition, would you sing in Serbian or in English at Eurovision? 

Let’s say that only thing sure is that I will sing it from the bottom of my heart and soul! I believe that’s the only way for a song to reach to the people!

E+: Do you have any favourite artist among other Serbian finalists? 

I do see them as colleagues, not as a competition. Aleksa and I have even one song behind us as collaboration. And as for Danica I heard after the wildcard selection and the girl is really good in singing our old traditional folk songs. May the best song wins.

E+: Do you usually watch Eurovision? Do you have any favourite song in the history of the contest? 

Ever since I can remember in my house the Eurovision was the special event. My whole family was watching it. There were quite a legendary songs throughout the time, but few that caught my attention and I do gladly sing are: Where are you – Imaani, Waterloo – ABBA, Euphoria – Loren, and of course Molitva.



E+: Besides Eurovision, what are your other plans for this year? 

I’m looking forward to continuing collaboration with Graya, hopefully work on new songs or an album.

E+: Finally, would you like to send a message for our readers? 

I would like to thank you for spending few moments to read something about me and upcoming Beosong, please stay with us and enjoy the show!!!

You can follow Bojana Stamenov on her Official Facebook Page and Official Twitter Page.



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